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No one experienced more growth throughout 2021 than you, Aquarius. That means you have every reason to feel confident about your Aquarius 2022 horoscope! Last year, Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius to form The Great Conjunction, launching a major turning point in your life (and the world around you).

Make no mistake—you’re leading the next astrological revolution, and throughout 2022, you’re continuing to inspire everyone! Learn what to expect in terms of love, life and career below.


As the year begins, you may be rethinking who you are and what you want from your relationships. Around mid-January, Mercury will begin retrograding through Aquarius, and the confusion will help you ask questions that will give you a better understanding of your needs.

When Venus enters Aquarius during early March, it will be such a breath of fresh air. This year, you’re building so much confidence in yourself, and this will automatically attract friends and lovers who appreciate your unique beauty. Plus, when Venus and Mars combine their energy by mid-March, they will start a fire in your heart. Your romantic adventures could induce you with full-on euphoria!


During 2022, you might start feeling just as excited about your bank account as your childhood self once felt about a piggy bank full of change! The year begins with Jupiter moving through your second house of finances, bringing you wealth, abundance and of course, cold hard cash. If anyone’s striking gold this year, it’s you.

However, that doesn’t mean your professional prospects will feel just as satisfying. When the South Node enters your 10th house of career around mid-January, it will encourage you to let go of stale mindsets and business decisions that have held you back from the recognition you’ve always wanted. Every comeback story has to start somewhere, Aqua!


Of all the many things you’ll learn this year, the most important ones center on your home and family. The North Node will begin activating your fourth house of domestic bliss as of mid-January, encouraging you to reconnect with your heart and cultivate your sacred space.

When Uranus joins forces with the North Node around late July, you may have a revelation about what your idea of “home” should look like. It may even represent a major turning point in how your family comes together!

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