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You made so many creative and artistic strides in 2021, Libra. While you may be hoping for that same level of inspiration, your Libra 2022 horoscope will help you accept that nothing lasts forever. Last year, you let loose and embraced the fun, but you also learned when it was time to end the party and trust that another was soon to arrive.

During 2022, you’re recognizing that good times come and go, so appreciate them! Below, check out an in-depth look at what to expect this year in terms of love, career and your relationship with yourself.


When the year begins, you may be struggling to feel a sense of comfort in your relationships. Venus will be retrograding through your fourth house of emotional security and belonging, which may lead you to many revelations about if you deserve to build a home with your lover.

However, 2022 is also expanding your understanding of the love and connection beyond belief! When Jupiter enters your seventh house of partnerships in mid-May, it will make you feel much more optimistic about the relationship you’re forming. In fact, a lover or friend of yours just may become your lucky charm!


This year, you’re working through your financial status and learning what spending habits to let go of. When the South Node enters your second house of disposable income as of late January, you might realize that it’s time to reframe your relationship with money. Don’t let your financial status define your worth—money is merely a means to an end.

Luckily, the North Node will also enter your eighth house of shared resources, propelling you to start making wise investments! Don’t be afraid of setting your money aside, especially if it means delaying gratification. Money multiplies when you’re not looking!


This year, you’re meeting new people and strengthening your bond with those who make your life feel better, not worse! As Jupiter spends 2022 bringing luck and abundance to your interpersonal relationships, you’ll spend the year reveling in how fortunate you are to know the people you know!

However, the North Node will also teach you many lessons in your eighth house of transformation throughout the year, bringing the pain. You may need to focus on setting boundaries during 2022, because your emotional energy is too precious to be given away so freely.

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