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STYLECASTER | Mercury Retrograde
Adobe; iMaxTree. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

If you’ve been stumbling over your words, having Ubers cancel on you and falling into arguments over the littlest things, you’re likely already feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde, happening in Libra from September 27 to October 18. Yes, this astrological event will impact you, but no, it won’t be as bad as you think. I promise! Read on for the scoop.

Mercury retrograde has a nasty reputation and may seem like a confusing concept, so I’ll break it down pretty simply. A few times a year, Mercury (the planet closest to the sun) hits a point in his orbit around the Sun when, to us Earthlings, it looks like he’s moving in reverse. Groovy, right? 

While Mercury isn’t actually spinning backward, astrologers have observed that this “backward” movement creates energetic shifts here on Planet Earth, affecting emotions, attitudes and ways of thinking. Astrological events often account for random shifts in mood or vibes, so keeping an eye on the planets can be a helpful tool when understanding your own nature and that of your community. 

Since Mercury energetically rules communication and travel, Mercury in retrograde can be expected to aggravate these areas of life above all else. These effects can feel emotional (No one seeming to understand your intentions) or more tangible (Dropping your keys down a f*cking sewer grate). “Frustration” is the key feeling herethings just won’t feel quite right.

“Frustration” is the key feeling here—things just won’t feel quite right.

This fall’s Mercury retrograde (Rx) happens from September 27 to October 18, but the energy of this retrograde has been present since September 6 and will continue to be felt (albeit not intensely) until November 2. If you’re struggling through a pre-shadow or post-shadow period, know that I feel for you! Things will get better eventually.

Mercury travels through the sign of Libra in his retrograde tango this season. For those unfamiliar, Libra is the sign of scales, embodying everything that is balanced and diplomatic. Libras are known for their level-headedness, temperate nature and adoration of everything luxe. We love them for their ethereal nature and social prowess, but when feeling disempowered, Libras can be aloof, greedy and pretentious (Every sign has their “good” and “bad”; nothing personal, my beloved).

When Mercury Rx happens in Libra, you can expect communication and travel to be inhibited in particularly Libran ways. In heated discussions, you may unintentionally project a holier-than-thou, detached attitude, even if you feel sincere about the topic at hand. Or, perhaps you’ll just misplace a really nice piece of jewelry. As with all astrological events, there are a few signs in particular that will feel these effects more intensely.

STYLECASTER | Mercury Retrograde
Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

The sign slated to feel this Mercury Rx most intensely is, of course, sweet Libra themselves. Because this retrograde happens with both Mercury and the Sun in Libra, you Libra folk will have an extra-hard time navigating retrograde challenges. Others predicted to have a shitty time during this Mercury Rx are Cancer and Capricorn, whose signs square Libra (the worst of the astrological placements). Aries, on the other hand, will have an easier time—their sign opposes Libra, bringing a little balance to this fall’s air sign fiasco.

While there’s nothing we can do to stop the planets from moving or the stars from spinning, we can take action in our own little universe to make life easier during this transit. Treat yourself (and others) with kindness. Double-check your train/bus/plane tickets ahead of time. Make sure you have a full tank of gas. Communicate exceptionally clearly with everyone (bosses, spouses, friends, etc.) and have patience at all times. Sit with your feelings, breathe into your body and let the wheel in the sky keep turning.

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