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STYLECASTER | Pisces Zodiac Sign
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You may spend this month working though issues at home and in your private life. As your Pisces June 2021 horoscope begins with Mercury retrograding through your soulful fourth house, the cosmos are encouraging you to explore your heart and discover what makes it feel seen and understood. This is a powerful time to heal the sharp edges in your reality and make them softer. This healing will lend itself to your love life by June 2, when Venus dances into your passionate fifth house, initiating a period of over-the-top and irresistible romance. You deserve it!

However, you may be embracing a lot of change by June 10, when a solar eclipse activates your deeply personal fourth house. This could lead to changes in your family dynamic as well as your living space. It may feel strange at first, but it’s leading you toward a stronger connection with your roots.

When Mars enters your productive sixth house on June 11, you may feel wholly inspired to create a daily routine that leads you toward success. This is a powerful time to study your idols and take note of what they do every day. Emulating their habits could take you to the top! However, as Saturn squares off with Uranus on June 14, you may feel nervous about reaching out, asking questions and speaking your mind. Your fear of standing out is pointless—everyone can already see you shining! Take advantage of the attention you receive.

When Cancer season begins on June 20, it will launch you into a summer you’ll never forget. Now’s the time to have fun, indulge and embrace all the beauty and pleasure available to you! In fact, on June 21, Venus will form a trine with Neptune, tapping into your creativity and your desire for romance. This may lead you toward a passionate connection with someone you’ve been crushing on. As Mercury stations direct on June 21, you may feel like the uncertainty and unsteadiness in your personal life is finally starting to die down.

However, as Venus opposes Pluto on June 23, your friends and acquaintances will have a lot of questionable things to say about your love life and your creative projects. Don’t let the haters bring you down! As a full moon blasts through your 11th house of community on June 24, you’ll gain a better understanding of which social groups and team projects vibe with you. Spend time around people who get you, Pisces!

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