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STYLECASTER | Aquarius Zodiac Sign
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You may be experiencing some confusion in your love life as your Aquarius June 2021 horoscope begins. After all, Mercury will be retrograding through your fifth house of passion and flirtations, which could make you feel as though the “spark” is gone. However, this could also reconnect you with old flames, reigniting old feelings. Luckily, as Venus activates your grounded sixth house on June 2, you’ll be able to think more practically about your love life and really consider where your relationships are going.

By June 5, you may feel some self-doubt surrounding your career as Mars opposes Pluto. If you’re feeling an especially serious case of imposter syndrome, it’s time to list all the ways you’ve worked hard to get where you’re at. Banish these doubts and use them as fuel to motivate you, Aqua! As a solar eclipse rises in your creative fifth house on June 10, you may be on the verge of an artistic breakthrough that inspires you to create something beautiful. Believe in yourself!

The passion in your relationships will increase by June 11, but so will the volatility. As Mars activates your seventh house of partnerships, the levels of desire may rise, but so will the instinct to bicker and argue. Luckily, making up and solving your issues together will only feel that much sweeter! However, your personal life may be a source of pressure by June 14. This is when Saturn will square off with Aquarius, which could lead to a lot of changes before you feel ready for them. Remember—when rocks undergo a lot of pressure and heat, they become diamonds.

You’ll start feeling way more organized, thorough and motivated to put in the work by June 20, when Cancer season activates your productive sixth house. In fact, by June 21, you’ll have an opportunity to create a lot of abundance with little effort as Venus forms a trine with Neptune. Watch as money flows toward you with ease! And when Mercury stations direct on June 22, you may feel more certain of where your heart stands regarding your romantic partnerships. Choose a love that uplifts you, babe.

As the full moon radiates throughout your 12th house of spirituality on June 24, you’re ending the month on an especially healing note. This may be an emotional time, but that’s only because repressed emotions are surfacing, allowing you to face them once and for all.

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