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STYLECASTER | Scorpio Zodiac Sign
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Not gonna lie, Scorpio—you may feel somewhat emotionally overwhelmed as your Scorpio June 2021 horoscope begins. With Mercury retrograding through your eighth house of merged resources, you’re becoming more aware of the way some of your energetic attachments may be weighing you down instead of uplifting you. However, as Venus activates your adventurous ninth house on June 2, you may feel totally ready to ignore all that noise and focus on the bright side instead. Life’s too short to obsess over the bad when there’s still so many incredible opportunities waiting for you!

A deep and powerful transformation may be initiated by June 10, when a solar eclipse electrifies your eighth house of metamorphosis. You may be leaving something behind in favor of something with much more promise. Letting go isn’t easy, but it’s an essential step to embracing your growth!

You’ll feel positively unstoppable by June 11, when Mars fires up your professional 10th house, which will instill within you the ambition and passion required to come out on top. Prepare for some fascinating career developments! However, as Saturn squares off with Uranus on June 14, you may feel torn between remaining loyal to your past and putting more effort into your future. This tension could manifest in your relationships—after all, you’re changing and evolving, and it may be uncomfortable for some of your loved ones.

The real excitement begins on June 20, when Cancer season taps into your hunger for out-of-this-world experiences and journeys that expand your mind. In fact, you may find yourself falling in love on one of your adventures, especially as Venus forms a trine with Neptune on June 21, tugging on your heartstrings. A new crush could be developing, Scorpio! And as Mercury stations direct on June 22, you may start to feel more in charge of your own power and your ability to bounce back after experiencing a loss.

Communication issues could be the cause of some misunderstandings in your relationships by June 23. As Venus opposes Pluto, it’s important to remember that words have the power to leave a mark, so choose yours wisely. As the full moon rushes through your expressive third house on June 24, an important conversation could come to fruition—one that reveals a deeper truth.

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