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Virgo, Your June Horoscope Calls For A Potential Career Change-Up

Here's hoping that's what you want, Virgo!
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You may be doing some serious thinking about where your career is headed as your Virgo June 2021 horoscope begins. With Mercury retrograding through your ambitious 10th house, you’ll be faced with obstacles in your career that force you to reconsider the path you’re taking. However, as Venus activates your social 11th house, you just might find yourself networking with people with all sorts of new opportunities for you. Tap into your ability to work a room and make those worthy connections, Virgo!

Even if you feel completely confused about your career prospects, try to have faith in what the cosmos have planned. After all, on June 10, a solar eclipse will light up your competitive 10th house, leading to a powerful professional opportunity or a great deal of change in your vocation. Whatever happens, it could be the start of something truly transformative.

By June 11, you may feel less inspired to commit to your goals, as Mars retreats in your 12th house of spirituality. This may leave you feeling more interested in looking inward, working in solitude and embracing the prospect of internal exploration. Your desire to feel passionate about your work may leave you dissatisfied with your day-to-day tasks by June 14, as Saturn squares off with Uranus. You don’t want to be trapped at your desk; you want to see the world, experience new things and expand your mind! Seriously, Virgo—who could blame you?

By June 20, Cancer season will begin and it will activate your 11th house of community, prompting you to exit your state of hibernation and socialize with people who share your ideals and interests. In fact, by June 21, Venus will trine Neptune and pave the way for one of your new connections to become much more tantalizing. Maybe a friend will become a little bit more than just a friend, wink wink. Who knows!

If you’re struggling to feel worthy of love and success, mark June 22 on your calendar, because this is when Mercury will station direct in your ambitious 10th house, helping you regain your confidence and your mojo.

There may be some drama in your relationships by June 23, as Venus opposes Pluto and creates some romantic tension. However, as the full moon blasts through your passionate fifth house on June 24, your feelings will become much clearer, and the romance in your life will feel positively irresistible. Seize it, V!

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