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STYLECASTER | Leo Zodiac Sign
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You may be rethinking how you participate in various social scenarios as your Leo June 2021 horoscope begins. After all, Mercury will still be retrograding through your 11th house of community, encouraging you to reconnect with old friends and consider the impact your interpersonal alliances have on your overall growth and self-betterment. In fact, as Venus enters your quiet 12th house on June 2, you may feel like indulging in alone time. Don’t underestimate the power of RSVPing “Yes” to some rejuvenating solitude!

Your need for retreat and introspection is strong this month, Leo. By June 5, you may feel overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities as Mars opposes Pluto. Remember to find balance in your day-to-day life—and if you feel overworked, don’t forget to prioritize your personal needs above all else. As a solar eclipse sets the stage for a new beginning in your visionary 11th house on June 10, the cosmos are encouraging you to put your heart into a project that can make the world a better place. You’re leading us toward the future, Leo!

You’ll tap into your deepest and most primal power as Mars enters Leo on June 11. Let this transit show you what it means to be confident and unapologetic in your greatness! As Saturn squares off with Uranus on June 14, you may feel pressure to maintain your business partnerships even though your dreams are taking you in a different direction. It may be time to make a decision regarding your career: Will you continue doing what others expect of you, or will you start marching to the beat of your own drum?

As Cancer season begins on June 20, it will encourage you to shed all the excess weight that has been holding you back. Let go of fear, guilt and foreign energies that have nothing to do with you! In fact, on June 21, you may feel ready to open your heart to something powerful and new as Venus forms a trine with Neptune. This could set the stage for a transcendent emotional connection with someone you love. And as Mercury stations direct on June 22, you’ll feel ready to come out of your shell and socialize with all sorts of fascinating people.

By June 24, you may be forced to rest, as a full moon will rise in your sixth house of health and wellbeing. If you’ve been so busy that you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself, this full moon might just force you to slow down and take a deep breath. We all need to reset sometimes, Leo!

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