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STYLECASTER | Cancer Zodiac Sign
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You may start off the month feeling more quiet and contemplative, because your Cancer June 2021 horoscope begins with Mercury retrograding through your introspective 12th house. This could bring up some uncomfortable emotions, but it will also be an incredibly opportunity to look inward and embrace healing. Don’t let that get you down, because on June 2, Venus will also enter Cancer, which means the cosmos are sending you love and positive vibrations. Embrace all the extra attention you’re about to receive!

You might start feeling more competitive than usual as Mars opposes Pluto on June 5. Let this competition motivate you toward success, but don’t get lost in comparing yourself to others. In fact, when the solar eclipse radiates throughout your spiritual 12th house on June 10, it will encourage you to let go of all the toxic energy that’s been holding you back. Purge all the negativity and move forward with a clean slate!

By the time Mars activates your money-making second house on June 11, you may start feeling totally driven to expand your wealth. Don’t sell yourself short, because you’re capable of discovering all sorts of innovative ways to increase your finances! However, you may be rethinking the way you choose to go into business as Saturn squares off with Uranus on June 14. Your financial and energetic investments dictate your future, so let this be an opportunity to return to the drawing board and prioritize your dreams.

Cancer season begins on June 20 and will leave you feeling confident and ready to go! In fact, as Venus forms a trine with Neptune on June 21, you may feel ready to go on adventures that expand your mind and allow you to indulge in some awesome new experiences. And as Mercury stations direct in your spiritual 12th house on June 22, it may feel as though a weight has been lifted off your chest. Go forward with a deeper connection to your intuition, Cancer.

You may be at odds with someone on June 23, especially a romantic partner. As Venus opposes Pluto, it will likely bring up baggage from your relationship that still needs to be resolved. As a full moon galvanizes your seventh house of partnerships on June 24, you may come to a conclusion about where your relationships stand. As for what will happen? Only time will tell!

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