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STYLECASTER | Full Moon Eclipse May
Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

In case you’re not up to date with all the latest astro know-how, I’ll be the one to tell you that lunar eclipse energy is intense. The moon’s disappearing act reflects a cosmic vibe of shadiness and confusion. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve actually got just such an eclipse coming up on May 26! Here’s what it’ll be like, which signs will be most affected and what we can all do to get through it.

Eclipses are the cosmos’s way of shaking things up for us mere mortals. Every now and again, the Universe says “Surprise! This sucks! Deal with it,” leaving us dazed, confused and pissed TF off. If you’re jonesing to get summer started, pump the brakes: This Sagittarius eclipse is going to rub most people the wrong way, while simultaneously giving them tons of energy. Flexing your extrovert muscles isn’t advised at the moment.

Usually, Sagittarius is tons of fun to keep around, but when you push them into the shadows (as happens during eclipses), Sag pushes right back. If you try to box this sign in, they’ll kick the door down, punch you square in the face, flip you the bird and hit the road before you’ve even realize what’s happened. This is what the vibes will be like on May 26especially if your natal Sun or Moon sit in Sagittarius. Anticipate spikes in energy throughout the day, a quicker temper than usual and a tendency towards recklessness. Buckle in!

Anticipate spikes in energy throughout the day, a quicker temper than usual and a tendency towards recklessness.

Others who need to keep an eye out for the ill effects of this Sagittarius eclipse are Pisces and Virgo. These two signs square Sag, which means they make 90 degree angles to that sign. Squares are an inauspicious placement—when two signs square, they butt heads and annoy each other to no end. If you’re a Pisces or Virgo, you’ll get similar effects to natal Sagittarians, with the added bonus of just feeling pissed off for no good reason. Sorry, friends!

I know I’ve just dumped a LOT of information on you without much good news, but don’t think I’d leave you without some sage wisdom! Even if you’re a triple Sagittarius with passive-aggressive Pisces and Virgos for roommates, there are still ways to keep your life chill and balanced during this eclipse. 

Spiritually, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my magickal/astrological peers, it’s this: Don’t do magic on an eclipse. Just don’t! If you’re trying to manifest money/sex/career success, wait until the next full moon, or even just until the new moon. It’s not worth infusing your positive intention with the chaotic, shady energy of an eclipse.

Practically, if you’re tempted to go out and sow your wild oats during this eclipse, do me a favor and please check yourself. Are you acting in alignment with your life’s dream, or are you acting out of stress or anger? If you decide that laying low is best for the evening, invite someone over whose presence calms and grounds you. Blend some calming herbal tea together, dress cozy and let this whole eclipse business blow over. 

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