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fill moon june 2022
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While some of us have already made the switch to iced coffees and boxed up our sweaters and boots, the official summer solstice doesn’t *technically* begin until June 20, at the arrival of the new moon in Cancer. While said arrival is certainly exciting, it’s not exactly a memorable sight like a shooting starin fact, there’s a good chance you won’t physically see the new moon at all. But believe me, you’ll feel its energy!

This phase happens when the Sun and Moon are perfectly aligned, with the Earth and Sun on either side of the moon. This placement results in us only being able to see the dark side of the moon (cue Pink Floyd, please) and makes our big, bright moon nearly invisible. However, while this placement makes it almost impossible to catch a glimpse of the moon itself, we will start to feel the subtle effects of this new phase almost immediately. That said, if you accidentally spend three hours trying to master a new Tik Tok dance, it’s probably not because of the moon, and is more likely the result of that second margarita. Just saying.

The new moon can bring a shift in energy, priorities and needs, and you can expect to feel these shifts in perspective over the days following Saturday, June 20. For some of us, the new moon is a welcomed change, and for others, it may take a bit of adjusting to feel grounded in this new lunar phase. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we’re inclined to believe that a little preparation will have you ready to greet this new moon and experience a fulfilling summer.

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Because this moon is in Cancer, it adapts some classic traits of this emotional and resilient sign, so you may start to absorb these attributes as well. Cancers have a deep, empathetic soul that allows them to foster a genuine connection with others, and you may find yourself having an easier time looking at the world through someone else’s unique perspective. This may show in superficial forms, like sobbing during an insurance commercial (seriously, why is it always the insurance commercials?) or blubbering at a Coldplay song on the radio, but you also may find yourself wanting a clearer understanding of the people around you.

Whether that means making a commitment to stay in touch with your Grandmother with weekly phone calls or committing to be more involved in your community and helping others with social activism, don’t hesitate. The moon may gently push open a part of yourself that you’ve been keeping tucked away, and sharing it more with the people you care about may encourage them to share with you, too. 

However, if this phase does not make you feel more emotionally available and open, don’t fret. When Cancers are feeling overwhelmed or sensitive, they tend to find a safe space to curl up and retreat. This is, after all, the first lunar phase or the cycle, and we may have left our previous cycle feeling stressed, run-down and exhausted. If you feel like you’re searching for physical spaces to process your thoughts in peace, try to release those feelings of worry or concern that you’re being antisocial or reclusive.

STYLECASTER | Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020
Mike Petrucci/Unsplash. Art: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Throughout this phase, you may need to take a day or two to truly connect with yourself. This will look different for everyone: Maybe it’s taking a long run once a day, or binging Housewives in your sweats next to the AC while slurping on popsicles. During this phase, it’s best for our minds not to judge what our bodies are craving to self-preserve, whether this includes heightened activity or rejuvenating rest. Once you allow your body and mind that space to rebuild, you can enter this new phase with more energy and clarity. 

The warm summer months often tempt us to shed, be it our winter clothes or expectations that our deodorant will *really* work for 48 hours. As if. But the summer, especially with the new moon in Cancer, expects us to shed in other ways, too, like letting go of our fear of change. If you’re feeling uncertain of the road ahead, remember that you’ll always find strength in the core of your foundation, and you can handle whatever awaits you. You’ve got this, don’t be scared!

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