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Taurus, Your June Horoscope Is A Reminder To Stay On Your Grind

Get that schmoney, Taurus!
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Your Taurus horoscope for June 2020 is here, and you’re jumping into Gemini season with a splash. Let’s face it, Taurus, you’ve got dollar signs on your mind! This energy will motivate you to consider new ways of making extra cash, rethinking your financial goals, and working up the courage to ask for that raise you most certainly deserve. However, since Venus—your ruling planet—is retrograde until June 25, you may be encountering more bounced checks than financial flexes, metaphorically speaking. Extra digits weren’t added to the bank account in a day, Taurus! Remember that small improvements now will bring big bucks later.

You might even be feeling the negative affects of a few bad investments when a blood moon lands right in your eighth house of shared resources on June 5, but don’t live in the past, dear Taurus. It may be time to finally cut ties with something that’s been draining your energy, especially if there’s no reward to gain for your valiant efforts. June will be an incredibly transformative time for you, so keep in mind that the phoenix must die before it rises from the ashes, stronger than ever! If you work hard, you’ll find yourself ending this summer financially thriving.

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When the sun enters Cancer on June 20, it will send shockwaves of energy into your restless third house of communication. Your third house is also being activated by Mercury retrograde (which begins on June 18) and a soul-stirring solar eclipse (which takes place on June 21), so expect that tongue of yours to loosen up. Not only are you being given the gift of the gab, you’re also learning when to speak and when it’s better to keep it zipped. Not everything needs to be shared, but refusing to speak up when you’ve got something powerful to say will only leave you feeling invisible. Embrace the magnitude of your voice when necessary, Taurus! You can alter your entire universe by speaking your desires into existence.

As you come down from the highs of being a social butterfly towards the end of the month, driven Mars will enter your 12th house of spirituality on June 27, preparing you for a summer filled with vivid dreams, solitary activities and inner reflection. When this happens, feel free to withdraw from the world as you see fit. At this point, your soul is asking for your undivided attention, and all the hustle and bustle can wait!

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