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15 Seriously Feminist Items to Shop Before the 2019 Women’s March

Woman Almighty.
2019 Women's March Merch: 15 Genuinely Feminist Items to Shop Now
Allison Kahler.

It feels a little strange to create a shopping guide tied to the Women’s March—an organization that’s represented so much hope for so many feminists, and one that’s grown fraught with contention. The 2019 Women’s March, which will take place this Saturday, January 19, has become embroiled in controversy, as allegations of anti-Semitism have been leveled against the organization’s national leadership.

It’s a hard thing to grapple with; the Women’s March has served as a beacon of hope for so many—a way for us to gather together, to lift each other up and to collectively voice our dissent against the current administration. But now, many of us are left questioning the motives and beliefs of the people/organization we trusted. I’m definitely not an expert on this situation—very few of us are. But I do believe that, ultimately, the feminist movement itself can be (and has been) a force for good in our society—as long as we keep learning from our mistakes.

Controversy aside, many of the ideals and political agendas that lie at the center of the Women’s March can still evoke powerful feelings of hope, camaraderie and determination among members of society—especially those who identify as women. So in the spirit of celebrating women and those who stand by us, I’ve put together a list of 15 feminist items that I hope inspire you to keep fighting for change in our society.

Regardless of how you feel about buying stuff or performative activism, the truth is, this weekend is a reminder to celebrate womanhood in every shape, size and form. And we can do that by celebrating our bodies and our beliefs—and supporting women and minority artisans who are just trying to fill the world with more pro-woman stuff. (Worth noting: The items included in this list are sourced from woman-owned companies, independent creators or retailers that donate proceeds to progressive organizations.)

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

‘I Believe Her’ Crop Tank, $26 at The Outrage

This woman-owned apparel company donates profits from every single purchase to organizations like Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

‘Cinnamon Roles Not Gender Roles’ Feminist Enamel Pin, $13.04 on Etsy

A sentiment we can get behind. (And as you already know, Etsy is a great place to shop, because it lifts up artists and other independent creators.)

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Stronger Together Throw Pillow, $29.99 at Society6

Not all women have vulvas, but all pillows definitely should. (Society6 is, of course, another great place to support independent artists and creators.)

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Fight Like a Girl (Malala) Sweatshirt, $44.95 at Feminist Apparel

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” -Malala Yousafzai (Feminist Apparel boasts a similar model to Society6, but with an even greater emphasis on feminist messaging.)

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

The Supremes Sticker, $3.00 on Etsy

Wouldn’t mind hearing their rendition of “Stop! In the Name of Love.”

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

We Can Do It! Rosie Socks, $14 at Modcloth

We can’t pass up an opportunity to pay tribute to Rosie the Riveter. (Did you know Modcloth is a woman-owned company? Well, now you do!)

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Lady Pin, $9 from Leah Goren

Leah Goren is a very cool independent woman artist, and this is a very cool lady pin.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

IWD Postcards, $12 from ADAY

100 percent of proceeds from this postcard go to the Malala Fund to support education for young girls.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Feminist Embroidered Cap, $15.99 from Etsy

Let the world know what you’re about.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Steadfast Stance Graphic Sweatshirt, $24.99 at Modcloth

Shop sweatshirts that share your politics.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Body Positive Confident Feminist Print, $10.39-$17.44 on Etsy

Our mantra for 2019.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

‘Votes for Black Women’ Key Tag, $15 at The Outrage

Profits from this key tag go toward Black Lives Matter.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Cats Against Cat Calls, $9.36-$19.65 on Etsy

Meow. (That’s “we agree” in cat.)

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Fierce Female Graphic Tee, $24.99 at Modcloth

I’m gonna wear this shirt 24/7.

STYLECASTER | Feminist Merch to Shop Now

Support Your Sisters, Not Just Your Cis-ters Cross Stitch Embroidery Hoop, $25 on Etsy

Say it again for the people in the back.

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