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Literally Just 31 of the Prettiest Bullet Journals We’ve Ever Seen

Next stop: organization station.
31 of the Best Bullet Journals We’ve Ever Seen
Lauren's Notebook Blog.

Bullet journaling is the latest in trendy ways to organize your life. The method basically requires good handwriting—and steady penmanship and artistic ability don’t hurt, either.

Though bullet journaling allows for tons of creativity, there’s technically a right way to do it. And if you’re interested in learning that right way, you can purchase The Bullet Journal Method ($17.10 at Amazon ) straight from the official Bullet Journal website. (This is also a great place to start if you feel overwhelmed by the clean slate of a pristine, new bullet journal.)

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Once you get going—and even when you start—the possibilities are endless. You can track your sleep, get creative with title pages, note which movies you want to watch, give months themes and way, way more. A quick glance at the Instagram hashtag #bujo will reveal just how open-ended the practice of bullet journaling can be.

That might sound intimidating, but the truth is, bullet journaling is supposed to be a calming and positive activity—not a stressor. No one’s pressuring you to become the next Georgia O’Keefe, so approach the activity with a low-maintenance spirit, color-coordinate what you want and embrace the parts of the system that work for you. It’s that simple.

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The following slideshow is chock-full of bullet journal inspiration you can appreciate whether you own a bullet journal, are currently considering buying one or have literally never heard of them before today.

Because looking at pretty bullet journals is almost as therapeutic as bullet journaling itself. Don’t believe us? Start scrolling.

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