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12 Halloween Ideas For Couples—That Don’t Suck

Seriously, these are pretty good!
Halloween Ideas For Couples

So, you and your guy aren’t that into Halloween, but if you’re going to be forced to dress up, you want to do something original, relevant, and decidedly not hokey. Take a look below for 12 Halloween ideas for couples that honestly don’t suck—and that can be put together fairly quickly.

The “Blurred Lines” chick and Robin Thicke
She: A nude body stocking, white sneakers; red lipstick; long brown wig.
He: Black pants, white shirt, black blazer; aviators, a generally smug demeanor.

Halloween Ideas For Couples

Nick Dunne and the “Missing” poster of Amy from “Gone Girl
She: A blonde wig, a cool smile, a DIY frame with black text.
He: A rumpled shirt and jacket, a beauty mark on his right cheek, shifty eyes, a “find Amy Dunne” pin

halloween ideas for couples
Merrick Morton/Twentieth Century Fox

Hedwig and Yitzhak from “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”
She: Leather jacket, hoodie, oversized vest, black jeans; fingerless gloves; chain hanging from jeans, sideburns, thick eyebrows, a prosthetic penis (optional)
He: Gaudy denim jacket and denim skirt (feel free to DIY it with Sharpies—see a better view here and here); gold platform boots; ripped fishnets; big blonde wig; enough blue eyeshadow and glitter to last a lifetime, a mic, a German accent, plenty of latent anger, a homemade copy of a Tommy Gnosis CD.

hedwig and yitzak Halloween Ideas For Couples
Photo: Joan Marcus

Pregnant Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
long flowing blonde wig, a skin-tight long dress, a baby bump, an obnoxiously happy glow.
He: A dapper suit, one hand permanently in his pocket, smarmy-cute expression.

halloween ideas for couples

Beyoncé and Jay Z at the Versace mansion on New Year’s Eve
She: Some vintage Versace, of course (Okay fine, a black and gold print kimono and hot pants will do), a big statement necklace, fuschia lipstick, beachy hair.
He: A royal blue blazer, a bow-tie, a gold necklace, white shirt, navy pants.
Optional: A cute toddler you tote around all around

Halloween ideas for couplesPhoto: I Am Beyonce/Tumblr

Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson from “Homeland”
She: A bootcut pants suit (preferably Theory) a silky button down, a messenger bag, an FBI ID, map of the Middle East, a bottle of pills, mascara-streaked tears optional.
He: A full salt-and-pepper beard, small glasses, plaid shirt tucked into pants, an FBI ID, a newsboy cap, a generally “over it” demeanor.

Halloween Ideas For Couples

Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne from “Twin Peaks
She: A tight short-sleeve sweater, a plaid schoolgirl skirt, saddle shoes, a mole near your left eye, a retro wavy bob, a breathy voice, beatnik-style music that follows you around.
He: White shirt, black suit, striped tie, FBI badge, super-slicked hair, a cup of coffee, a slice of cherry pie, a tape recorder, a penchant for highly esoteric statements.

halloween twin peaks couples ideas

American Gothic
black dress, white shirt, brooch, some sort of apron
He: Overalls, white mock turtleneck; black suit jacket, wire-framed glasses
Props: Large frame, pitchfork, a creepy pallor

Halloween Ideas For CouplesPhoto: Seakettle

Mary Poppins and Bert
She: A frilly white shirt, black skirt, red bowtie, black hat with flowers, white gloves, umbrella
He: A vest, suspenders, a conductor-style cap, a tie tied like a scarf, a broom.

Halloween Ideas For CouplesPhoto via keltieknight

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from “The Big Bang Theory”
She: A frumpy striped cardigan and skirt, opaque colored tights, glasses, long brown hair with one barrette.
He: A lightening bolt T-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, khakis

Halloween Ideas For Couplesvia 9gag/decortaingbyday

Ygritte and John Snow from “Game of Thrones”
She: A red wig, distressed jeans, a fur, a spear or a bow and arrow.
He: Your ratty old fake Mongolian jacket you never wear draped over all black, leather gloves, a frizzy wig.
Optional: Douse yourself in baby powder and look cold.

Halloween Ideas For Couples

Taylor Swift and her cat, Olivia Benson
She: Crop top and matching skirt, red lipstick, black aviators, a blonde bob, some One Direction paraphernalia.
He (or she): A white cat costume, a “get me out of here” expression.

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