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Poll: Can Anyone Control The Celebrity Twittersphere?

2011 has seen its fair share of scandals. John Galliano pissed off the world, Lindsay Lohan ended up in court (again), Charlie Sheen lost his mind and his job and Arnold Schwarzenegger was terminated by Maria Shriver thanks to a secret love child. But one of the most interesting phenomenons of the year has been the influence Twitter has on public opinion.

The Penn State scandal ignited many angry and ill-received responses, but none have been scrutinized as intensely as Ashton Kutcher‘s tasteless tweet condemning Penn State for firing the legendary coach. Kutcher was allegedly unaware of the reasons behind Paterno’s departure, insisting that had he known Paterno was let go because he failed to act on knowledge that a former assistant coach was sexually abusing a 10-year-old child, he would never have hit send on that unfortunate 140 character message.

Kutcher might be suffering from a serious case of major toolness, but he’s not exactly a monster so we’re kinda inclined to believe him. USA Today spoke with Howard Bragman, uber Hollywood publicist and vice chairman of, who has a message for the tweeting-addicted celebrity: “Tweeting and social media are a lot like medicine: First, do no harm. Then, get your brand and ideas and your thoughts out there.” And if you can’t stick to the basics? Get the hell off of the Internet. Come on, that’s what you hire a publicist for.

Do you think that celebrities should continue to handle their own Twitter accounts? Or is it time to have these impulse-driven stars take a step back and let their teams take over? Let us know by casting your vote in the poll below!

Image courtesy of the NY Daily News.

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