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High Heels: Worth the Risk?

To wear heels or not to wear heels; that is the question. A question I’ve found to be quite polarizing for many women. I have a friend who vowed to never wear heels again because she was convinced it was “taking away her power.” Instead, she prefers to blissfully trot around in Gucci loafers and Chanel moto boots exclusively.

I, on the other hand, am a high heel devotee and feel a certain swagger in my step while wearing them.I would say at least five out of the seven days of the week I wear high heels — could be seven some weeks depending on my social calendar. This practice does not bode well for my knees or feet since a new study just confirmed thatheels are not only painful to wear, but also a hazard to your health.

TheHuffingtonPost recently cited a newsurveyconductedby the shoe company MBT. The company interviewed1,000 women andfound that more than 40% of the high heel wearers have suffered an accident in them — most often from falling over. (The study obviously doesn’t calculate the scarring embarrassment endured after the fact.) The most important bit of information was that heels over three inches carry a serious health risk by applying pressure on the ball of the foot which affects pretty much every part of the lower body as you walk.

The result is an uneven weight distribution; a shorter calf muscle and a thicker Achilles tendon. And if this doesn’t sound so bad, perhaps your vanity will help you make a healthier decision for your achingtootsies –The Journal of Experimental Biology says bunions and hammertoes are a painful and unsightly side effect of excessive heel-wearing.Luckily the popularity of wedges and platforms seriously takes the pressure off by keeping the foot at a more level angle.

But if you’re a believer in the alluring power of the heel (asMr. Louboutin is) you might want to check out areport released byThe Times which claims you’re suffering in vain since most men don’t even notice the effect of our high heels.

Hmm, funny because just this morning as I walked into the office the doorman and a businessman both complimented my heels saying, “I like your shoes! They’re a real fashion statement!”

(Perhaps this rule only applies to the non-New York, non-metrosexual male contingent.)

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