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April’s Super Pink Moon Will Provide A Much-Needed Moment Of Clarity

The first full moon of spring will be a game-changer.
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Ah, the first full moon of spring! For an astrology-lover like myself, this is an extremely exciting time, especially when you factor in the full moon’s meaning for April 2020. This just so happens to be the Super Pink Moon, also known as the Paschal Full Moon, and in addition to being beautiful, it’ll also be quite the game-changer. To get the full scoop, I turned to the AstroTwins, Ophi and Tali Edut, who broke down all there is to know about the full moon’s meaning, full moon rituals, and when exactly this is all going down.

Let me start off with the bad news: No, the Super Pink Moon isn’t actually pink. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a site to see, though! Because it’s a supermoon, it will be noticeably bigger and brighter than a regular full moon, and you can see for yourself the night of April 7th. That’s a Tuesday, so mark your calendar! The moon is predicted to be its brightest at around 10:35 p.m. ET.

If you’re like, “Wait, I don’t even fully understand what a full moon is,” allow the AstroTwins to shed some light on the subject. “A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are exactly opposite each other on the zodiac,” explain the twins, who suggest picturing “an imaginary circle dividing the sky above us into 12 equal segments.” Because this is the first full moon of springtime, it’s also considered the Paschal Full Moon, as it helps predict the date of Easter.

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Now that you know the What and When, let’s talk about the How, as in how the Super Pink Moon will affect our lives. According to the AstroTwins, this is a full moon in Libra, which allows them to predict the highs and lows that will come with it. “A full moon in Libra will illuminate themes of balance, partnership, beauty and harmony, which are ruled by Libra,” the Twins explain. “Full moons are a time to look at everything in full light and make changes as needed. They can represent endings, completions or something coming to a ‘peak moment,’ where your hard work of the past six months finally pays off,” they say, adding, “or, if it doesn’t, you decide to move on!” There’s no guarantee that this moment of clarity will strike on Tuesday night exactly, though; as the AstroTwins note, the effects of a full moon are typically felt one to three days before and after the moon’s peak.

Given that the full moon is in Libra, the AstroTwins can also shed light on what zodiac signs will be most affected. “Libra is an air sign, so the signs most impacted will be the three air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They’ll feel an urgency to make a bold move to put themselves on the map, to get a clear answer or to make a highly personal decision,” the twins explain. Fortunately, these signs will get an extra boost from the full moon as well: “The air signs will be empowered with confidence and can-do energy from this full moon, and should advocate for themselves,” say the twins.

If you’re been waiting for a sign, this Super Pink Moon could be it—especially if you’re an air sign, or just someone looking for clarity on an important decision or life event. To find out more on how you might be affected, check out your April horoscope for the full tea, and visit the AstroTwins’ site to learn more about new and full moons.

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