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37 Zoom Background Ideas To Make Your Guests LOL, Including Kris Jenner’s House

I *always* Zoom from Kris Jenner's entryway.
STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds Kris Jenner home
George Burns/

If you haven’t been chatting on Zoom for the past few months, we’re going to assume you’re out in the wilderness with all the rich celebrities who just ~want to get away.~ Seriously, Zoom is the new black at this point, so knowing the best Zoom backgrounds to use can be a total game-changer. Whether it’s for a work meeting, late night chats with friends, drinking games or saying hi to your grandma, there are so many uses for Zoom—and a background (or three) for every occasion. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. So consider this a one-stop-shop for all the Zoom backgrounds you would ever want or need.

For those of you who might be new to Zoom (which, again, how?), getting a background onto your chat is super simple. Once you create your Zoom account and join a chat, head on over to Settings and choose Virtual Background. Zoom does have a few backgrounds already included, but you can upload your own at your leisure to keep things interesting. After all, why video chat with a plain white wall or your old poster of Zac Efron behind you? Jazz it up with a Zoom background—either one of the included images or a funny pop culture pick of your own.

Some of my favorites are Kourtney and Kim Kardashians’ iconic fist fight, a trip to Disney World and Ina Garten posing with her massive quarantini. I’m also a fan of Coachella (RIP), The Brady Bunch and the Met steps a la Gossip girl. Basically, pretty much anything unexpected makes for a good Zoom background guarantee to get a few laughs.

If you’re ready to impress your friends and co-workers with your strong Zoom background game, read on for 37 of the best below. Don’t be surprised when you start getting invited to even more Zoom hangouts. The people need a little humor in their lives, after all!


Cher & Tai From Clueless

STYLECASTER | Best Zoom Backgrounds
Paramount Pictures.

Let Cher and Tai judge everyone on the Zoom chat for you. It’ll save you tons of time.


Riverdale Hunks

STYLECASTER | Best Zoom Backgrounds
The CW.

Say what you want about Riverdale, but there’s no denying that nearly every single person in the show is a bonafide hottie.


A Palace

STYLECASTER | Best Zoom Backgrounds | room in palace

Take your rightful place as Zoom royalty with this gorgeous palace background. If you want to have everyone in the Zoom chat address you as “your highness,” we wouldn’t be mad about it.


Beach Reads

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds
Link Hoang/Unsplash.

You may be at home, but it’s likely your head and heart are on vacation. Show your Zoom buds where you’d really like to be right now: at the beach with good book.


A SoulCycle Class

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds

This one’s for anybody craving their weekly Soul sesh. No shame. Be sure to bump your favorite cycling playlist, too.



STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds
Mr Nai/Shutterstock.

Because you probably wouldn’t bother traveling to see Stonehenge anyway, right? Just visit virtually.


A Pikachu Float

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds

This one’s for all you Pokemon stans. No, it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to shout out the awesome Pikachu float!



STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds

Just gonna use this to pretend I’m actually at Starbucks IRL. I miss it so much!

The Met Steps

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds
The CW.

Pretend you’re in Gossip Girl and chill with Blair and Serena on the Met Steps. Show up ready to gossip!


The Mona Lisa

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds
Rumman Amin/Unsplash.

Wow, it’s like you’re actually inside the Louvre Museum. Massive crowds, cell phones and all.


The Hannah Montana Intro

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds

Position yourself as Miley’s third persona, and treat your fellow Zoom-ers to an impromptu concert. Don’t worry if you aren’t a great singer; in the words of Ms. Montana herself, “Nobody’s perfect!”


The Beach

STYLECASTER | the best zoom backgrounds
Sean O./Unsplash.

Not exactly a vacation, but for now it will do.


The Spice Girls

STYLECASTER | the best zoom backgrounds
Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.

Who else would you want to be Zoom-ing with? Let’s get the band back together!


The Eiffel Tower

STYLECASTER | the best zoom backgrounds
Anthony Delanoix/Unsplash.

An especially romantic choice for your next Zoom date.


The Love Is Blind Pods

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind practically invented social distancing, people! Trick your friends into thinking you’re filming season two by Zooming from your pod.


A Fancier Living Room Than Your Own

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds living room
Sidekix Media/Unsplash

Is your room a mess? Find a background that makes it look like you live in a full-on mansion. No one will be the wiser.


The Grand Canyon

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds Grand Canyon
Alan Carrillo/Unsplash

No one is really traveling right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a virtual trip!



STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds Coachella
Andrew Ruiz/Unsplash

Coachella has been postponed to October, but let’s be real, some of us already bought out outfits . Wear one to your next Zoom meeting instead.


A Tropical Escape

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds

This is one of the already-included Zoom virtual backgrounds, ideal for anyone who wants their virtual happy hour to happen on island time. Set this background make yourself an at-home margarita (to the best of your bartending abilities).


Outer Space

STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds space

Another already-included option! If the ~stay home~ movement has left you feeling a little trapped inside your own four walls, why not escape for a hot minute? In the words of Ariana Grande, “I’mma need space !”


Office Life

STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds office

An office setting is the ideal background for your next big meeting. Just see if it doesn’t make your boss crack a smile.


Disney World

STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds Disney world – Alex W/Shutterstock

Disney almost never shuts down, but as of now, it’s gates are currently closed. Visit vicariously via Zoom.


Frozen Mountains

STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds mountains
Roman Babakin/Shutterstock

You know, in case you need to channel your inner Elsa and ~let something go~ during a stressful meeting.


The Brady Bunch

STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds Brady bunch

If you can line up your head with one of the gang’s, consider this background nailed.


Kris Jenner’s Entryway

STYLECASTER | best zoom virtual backgrounds Kris Jenner home
George Burns/

Any KUWTK viewer will recognize Jenner’s iconic black-and-white floors. Trick them into thinking you’re social distancing with Kim, Kylie and the gang.


A Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Cheese Board
Half Baked Harvest.

This charcuterie board Zoom background is idea if you’re having a Zoom happy hour.


Anything from The Office

The Office Stanley
Chris Haston/Nbc-Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock.

There’s not a single scene from The Office that wouldn’t look amazing as a Zoom background. We’re partial to this judgmental stare from Stanley.



STYLECASTER | Helping Pets During COVID-19 | Puppies
Shutterstock. DESIGN: Cierra Miller.

Looking to instantly brighten up your day? Just add some puppies to your Zoom background and you can’t stay mad at anyone.


Your Zodiac Sign

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs as Therapist Meme
Image: Haley Longbottom.

Let whoever you’re Zooming with know exactly who they’re dealing with, from an emotional standpoint.


Fashion Week

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds fashion week
Sam Aronov/Shutterstock

You? Sitting front row at Fashion Week? Mid-Zoom meeting??? What a flex.


Ina Garten & Her Quarantini

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds Ina Garten
Ina Garten/Instagram

Could anything be more iconic? I think not!


The Bring It On Cheerleaders

STYLECASTER | best zoom pictures Bring It On
Universal Pictures

A great option when you need to feel fierce. Let’s go, Toros!


A Wall Of Rubber Ducks

STYLECASTER | best Zoom backgrounds
Joshua Coleman/Unsplash

Unexpected! This one will definitely keep your co-workers guessing.


This Iconic Moment From Tiger King

STYLECASTER | Tiger King Zoom backgrounds

If you low-key stan Joe Exotic as the next great country star, it’s time your Zoom friends knew.


Kourtney & Kim Kardashian’s Fist Fight

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds
E! Entertainment.

Blurry, but memorable.


A Dive Bar

STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds
Patrick Tomasso/Unsplash

Remember when going to one of these was easy, and more often than not you wanted to cancel your plans? Now I’d kill for a dive bar happy hour.


Your Fave Palette

STYLECASTER | zoom backgrounds
Jeffrey Star Cosmetics.

Why not look like a beauty guru filming their next trending video? “Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel!”


An Art Museum

STYLECASTER | zoom backgrounds
Deanna J/Unsplash.

Show up yo your Zoom meeting late with this as your background, and complain about getting lost in the museum. There are so many hallways and exhibits—your co-workers will have to understand!


STYLECASTER | best zoom backgrounds

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