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Drew Barrymore On the Under-$300 Chair You Need to Spruce Up Your Space

And why it's cool to be a "crazy cat lady."
drew tidy catrs
Tidy Cats.

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There’s something about Drew Barrymore that makes you feel like she could easily be your best friend. Maybe it’s that we’ve all watched her grow up on TV, or the way she emotionally connects with guests on her talk show like no one else has done before. It could also be her relatable social media where she tries new beauty products and talks the camera like she’s on FaceTime. No matter what the reason, I jumped at the chance to interview Barrymore — and it didn’t disappoint.

Something that may not surprise you about the actor and talk show host is that she has a whopping seven pets: four cats, two dogs and a bearded dragon, all in her Manhattan apartment. Of course, she rescued them all and is passionate about their welfare and comfort. But she also cares about the look, feel and smell of her apartment. That’s why she teamed up with Tidy Cats to help the brand launch Tidy Care Comfort, its newest litter innovation exclusively at Walmart. And that’s not all.

From now until May 8, 2023, cat owners can enter to win a a $5,000 prize to refresh their space with items from Walmart, plus design tips from Barrymore. “I’m definitely eager for that challenge because we do a lot of what they call Designed by Drew on the show,” she says. “And I take that stuff so serious.” In fact, she almost went into interior design. Keep reading for my entire interview with the star and to learn more about her stylist new furniture line, also at Walmart.

tidy cats pic
Tidy Cats.

The Partnership Is a Full Circle Moment

“I am truly a cat lady,” Barrymore says. (Same.) “And I’m 48 and single so let me sell that story a little more.” She was excited to partner with Tidy Cats because she has four cats and “you can imagine the amount of litter,” but also because it was a full circle moment for her. Her first commercial at 11 months old was for Purina — that time, for dogs. She also appreciated how Tidy Cats put “important stress on cats having wellness,” she says. “I just thought their mission really spoke to me. It seemed like cat over commerce, which I thought was very, very cool.” It also allowed her to bring her love of design to the forefront.

She’s Going to Make Cat Furniture Chic

Barrymore jumped at the chance to work with a winner to redesign their space. Cat accessories can be clunky and difficult to build a home around. And they’re often not very cute. “I’ve always wanted to attack litter boxes and garbage cans and all these things that live outside of cabinetry and you’re forced to engage with,” she says. “I always wonder, ‘why does it have to look so industrial? Why does it have to look utilitarian?'” Although she doesn’t yet sell pet accessories, it’s in the future. (You heard it here, first.) And for now, she’ll work around the big, clunky things her cats love. “It should be attractive, it should blend in with the home,” she adds. “There is no reason things have to be so juxtaposed and discombobulated.”

She Designed a Chair That Sold Out in Minutes

Barrymore’s latest dip into design is the Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore ($298 at Walmart). She has hundreds of other products at Walmart (under Drew Barrymore Flower Home, for example) but the Beautiful line is brand-new. “It’s very different in scale than other chairs,” she says of the first launch. “You can actually fit two people in it or you can curl up into it [with your pets].” She wanted to do a “very beautiful boucle” chair at a more affordable price that would feel cozy in any home. “Design for me used to be about functionality and visuals,” she says. “Several years ago, it really switched into something very, very profound and different. For me. it’s about mental wellness, reminding yourself why you work so hard. It can envelop you and make you feel safer.”

The chair sold out quickly when it launched but is available for pre-order so you don’t miss the next drop — coming soon! The rest of the line will be out this fall.


She’s Redefining What It Means to Be a “Crazy Cat Lady”

Taylor Swift. Kate Beckinsale. Elisabeth Moss. Martha Stewart. All self-identified “cat ladies.” It’s cool these days to show your love and appreciation for cats. “I think there’s definitely a rebranding going on where there’s a pride with the ‘crazy cat lady,’ whereas it was a moniker you didn’t want placed on you and now you self proclaim it,” Barrymore says, referencing Hollywood’s cat lovers. “They’re very prideful so I wouldn’t worry about it at all.” See? I told you. Bestie vibes.

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