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This Cute Litter Box Is The Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made—& It’s On Sale At Amazon

No one, besides my cat, recognizes its true purpose.
cute litter box 2023
Cute Litter Box

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I like to play a little game when guests visit my Brooklyn apartment for the first time. Cat and mouse? No, that’s too obvious. Instead, I like to stimulate my company’s intellect by asking if they can locate my cat’s litter box. It’s an odd request, but one I take great pleasure in—as they inevitably concede defeat and I burst with pride.

A chamber where your cat does their business (nay, defecates) is a peculiar source of pride, sure, but I feel downright smug. I consider the aesthetic litter box one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. For many years, I didn’t even know cute litter boxes existed, and I suffered with a typical litter box: utilitarian, rudimentary, so obviously a feline latrine. If you’re still staring at (and subjecting your cat) to an eyesore, I implore you to upgrade your life.

The Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is ready to delight, in stock and currently on sale. The phrase ‘litter box’ doesn’t do it justice; it’s style disguised as a litter box. It’s the Le Labo of litter boxes, before everyone else discovered Le Labo.

I’m not alone in my euphoria: the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box boasts over 23,000 reviews on Amazon with a near-perfect five-star rating. A review entitled “What Litter Box?” claims the clandestine chamber is like “having a secret agent in my home.” Beyond its sheer pulchritude, other reviewers believe it “hides smells really well. I forgot to scoop for almost two weeks bc of depression and didn’t even notice a stench.” Sad, yes, but also pretty incredible.

cute litter box review
Spot the cat.

good pet stuff hidden litter box review
Spot the litter box.

Rest assured that cats seem to love the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box just as much as owners. For instance, my Willow has deposited hairballs on my Joybird leather couch, CB2 bench and Keith Haring x Ruggable rug, but never even close to the circumference of her litter box. Coincidence? I think not. And while I firmly believe that pawrents shouldn’t attempt to speak for their cuter halves, I like to think the faux plant at the top reminds Willow of her ancestors hunting in a dense forest.

Amazon is chock-full of reviews asserting cats of all sizes enjoy the box, touting its spacious entryway and high ceilings. Many have multiple cats, and some believe that if they wanted to, they could do their business in tandem: “This litter box is round, and extremely large, that two full grown cats could fit inside if we weren’t so prudeish about our privacy while we work.”

hidden litter box review
It blends in nicely.

While many of the box’s rabid fans live in apartments (like myself) or places without full-sized laundry rooms; others just want to fully commit to the aesthetic. I respect it. Of course, there are other litter boxes with more bells and whistles, like this self-cleaning litter box that must be for space kitties. But even the high-tech iterations look (at best) like a robot and (at worst) still like a litter box.

cute litter box review
Cute Litter Box. Cute cat butt.

If you’re crafty, you can follow the lead of other reviewers who have added decorative stones to the planter base or even swapped the fronds for a real plant. I’ll stick with the responsibility of keeping just one living thing alive.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box review
Good Pet Stuff.

For those unwilling to compromise an iota of their color scheme, the magical chateau is available in black and vivid white at a slightly higher price point. Personally, I’m just excited for your journey into the world of sophisti-cat-ion. Just don’t be like this person and forget its true purpose: “So, I haven’t let them use this yet because I think it’s so nice!”

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