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Ke$ha Writes Powerful Essay About Self-Care During the Holidays

“It’s not selfish to take time for yourself.”
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The word ‘self-care’ is attached to a flood of clichéd mantras like “just be yourself,” “punch your pillow,” and one of our personal favorites, “choose happiness.” As much as people think they can talk through positive through anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses, doing a little more is necessary; especially during the whirlwind holiday season.

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Ke$ha, who has been open about her personal struggles, knows this all too well. The Grammy nominee recently wrote an article for TIME about self-care during the holidays after she noticed it was the festive period that triggered stress, anxiety, and ultimately, an eating disorder. For her and many others, transitioning into a long break can allow for thoughts to bubble and discomfort to manifest. Then on top of that, you feel obligated to extend your energy to everyone — ‘tis the season, right?

But she’s developed a mantra: “It’s not selfish to take time for yourself.” Decompression can be comforting when it feels like you have to be “on”  with family or running errands with friends. Ke$ha list of ways to accomplish this is hardly exhaustive, and a place to start.

“Take a walk in nature. Talk to a friend you trust or a therapist. Sit out one of the holiday gatherings in favor of some personal time. Just do whatever helps you calm down and gives you a break from the stress. Download one of the many meditation apps for your phone. I particularly like ‘Calm’ and ‘End Anxiety,'” she says.

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She also urges readers to let go of grandiose expectations that could potentially lead to disappointment. “It’s just another day,” she says.

Most importantly, she reminds us to simply take a break. It’s impossible to please everyone and it’s also draining. So step back, and remember that you don’t have to sacrifice peace of mind to keep everyone happy. Sometimes you just have to breathe, take a time out, and remember that it won’t last forever.  You’re going to get through it.

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