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Tinned Fish Trend: 13 TikTok-Approved #Seacuterie Spreads To Serve Now

Turn your charcuterie board into a seacuterie board.
Three tinned fish spreads, featuring canned fish, sliced bread, cheese, and more
@babytamago/Small Food/Emily Fedner.

Many of us have mastered charcuterie night. We’ve established a crowd-pleasing roster of meats, cheeses, and spreads. We’ve tried all the crackers and breads at the nearest grocery store. And we’ve made so many trips down the deli aisle we could draw a map of it from memory. Put simply, it’s time to shake things up. So why not ditch charcuterie night and throw a tinned fish party, instead?

Tinned fish is exactly what it sounds like: seafood in a can. And TikTokers have fallen in love with it. People have traded their favorite charcuterie staples for tinned mussels and canned sardines. They’ve turned trips to the grocery store into tinned-fish-tasting adventures. And TikToker Ali Hooke (@alihooke) has single-handedly made the case for the tinned fish date night—posting tinned fish spreads worth recreating every single week.

Video after video, these TikTokers have opened our eyes to a simple fact: The tinned fish spread is a worthy rival to the charcuterie board.

And why shouldn’t it be? After all, tinned fish spreads are both photogenic and delicious. And they’re really easy to throw together. Just stock up tinned fish you’re intrigued to try. And serve the tins alongside fresh bread, homemade crackers—or whatever else you feel like eating.

This formula is so simple it’s hard to get wrong. But if the #seacuterie trend sounds intimidating, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up 13 TikTok-approved tinned fish spreads that are stunning, delicious, and sure to impress even the most devout charcuterie fan.


Friday Night Tradition #datenight #cheftok #datenightideas #easydinnerrecipes #tinnedfish #sardines #tinnedfishtok

♬ original sound – Ali

1. Shop Your Pantry

Ali Hooke (@alihooke) has played a huge role in making #TinnedFishTok happen, so her videos are the perfect place to start your seacuterie journey. Hooke’s strategy? Stock up on tinned fish at a nearby store. Then, pick a few tins to try each week. This approach invites you to shop your own pantry instead of wasting time on errands. So once you’ve decided which tins you’re most excited to try, serve them alongside classic snacks—like fresh bread, sliced tomatoes, and your favorite cheeses.


when in portugal, a tin fish date night is essential #tinnedfishtok #tinfishdatenight #lisboneats #cannedsardines #datenightideas

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2. Invest in Your Accoutrements

When crafting this tinned fish spread, Katie (@babytamago) went all out with tasty accoutrements—and it paid off. Start by selecting some tinned fish to serve. (Katie picked smoked sardines, pickled mussels, calamari in ragout sauce, and smoked trout.) Then, load up on gourmet sides. Pair your tinned fish with figs, caper berries, cheese, toasted bread, and anything else that sounds tasty. And finish things off with a bottle of wine.


Tin fish date night 🐟 (ib: @Ali) #tinnedfish #tinfishdatenight #snackboard #tinfish

♬ Zou Bisou Bisou – Gillian Hills

3. Cover All the Flavor Bases

This tinned fish spread from Mimi (@feedmi) is one of our favorites, because it combines a bunch of different flavors. Start with a few tins of fish. (Mimi picked smoked salmon, smoked trout, and mussels in tomato fennel sauce.) Then, add crunch with fresh bread and kettle chips. Mimi layered in pickled veggies for acidity, peppers for spice, olives for salt, and sliced apples for sweetness—and then topped things off with butter, a no-fail finishing touch.


Tinned fish butter board. Because if not me, then who? If not now, then when? #butterboard #tinnedfish #tinnedfishtok

♬ original sound – emily fedner

4. Make a Tinned Fish Butter Board

It was only a matter of time before the tinned fish trend met the butter board trend. And the result is as mouthwateringly beautiful as you’d expect. To whip up this masterpiece, Emily Fedner (@foodloversdiary) covered a board with butter and topped it with three kinds of tinned fish: anchovies, boquerones, and sardines. Once you’ve created your base, throw on whatever toppings sound tasty. Fedner added quick-pickled onions, chopped chives, fresh parsley, fresh dill, and spicy calabrese—and served the board with some toasted bread and sliced lemons.


sardine vive 🐟 #tinnedfish #tinnedfishtok #pickle #charcuterieboard #nocookrecipe #sardines

♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

5. Pair Your Fish With Pickled Veggies

This delicious-looking spread from Grace Lyra (@gracelyracooks) pairs tinned fish with pickled vegetables to create the perfect flavor combo. Start by picking out some tinned fish to try. And don’t be afraid to get adventurous. (Lyra went with mackerel in piripiri sauce, lightly smoked sardines, mussels in Spanish sauce, and octopus in marinara sauce.) Then, mix and match a bunch of pickled vegetables. Lyra served piparra peppers, garlic dill pickles, artichoke hearts, and canned tomato bruschetta—but you can feature some of your favorites, instead.


Tin fish date night again! #tinfish #tinfishdatenight #sardines #oysters #dinner @alihooke ♥️

♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

6. Do a Little Cooking

Want to dress up your tinned fish spread? This TikTok will show you exactly how to—as long as you don’t mind putting in a little extra effort. Zehra Zerbi (@zehrazerbi) started by toasting sliced bread drizzled with olive oil—then sautéed sliced onions in a pan. These sides set the scene for a decadent spread, complete with fancy cheese, pickled asparagus, Mediterranean-style mackerel, smoked oysters, and wild-caught sardines in tomato sauce.


Leftover pizza dough turned bagels #pizzagirls #breakfastboard #bagelrecipe #fishboard #tinnedfish #7minegg #smorgasbord

♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.

7. Serve Tinned Fish for Breakfast

If you’re a big believer that breakfast is the best meal of the day, Lupa Cotta (@lupacotta) has you covered with this tinned fish breakfast spread. Start by piling some breakfast favorites on the board—like everything bagels, cream cheese, and soft-boiled eggs. Then, stock up on your favorite bagel toppings. (Cotta went classic with thinly sliced onions, chopped scallions, lemon wedges, and capers.) Once your spread is nearly complete, finish it off with your choice of tinned fish. Cotta doesn’t specify what tinned fish is on the board, but canned tuna, salmon, or sardines should all taste delicious.


Tinned fish night! Ft. Caesar salad, sourdough, cheeses, & crackers #tinnedfish #tinnedfishtok #tinnedfishdatenight

♬ Lazy River – Sidney Bechet & Muggsy Spanier

8. Serve Several Spreads at Once

The thing we love most about this tinned fish spread? It’s one of several different spreads on the table. Madeline Karcher (@m.karcher) started by opening five tins of fish. But instead of stopping there, Karcher also whipped up a cheese plate—and a bowl of Caesar salad. This trifecta is tough to top, and it’s sure to please a crowd. And we love that it makes a tinned fish spread feel more like a meal.


Tried tin fish date night! #tinfishdatenight

♬ Le Festin (From “Ratatouille”) – Movie Sounds Unlimited

9. Start With Bread and Butter

The star of this tinned fish spread isn’t tinned fish. It’s a bowl of toasted bread served with homemade herb butter. That may seem like an unusual place to start. But since the combination is so classic and delicious, it invites you to get adventurous with your tinned fish picks. Lillian Purich (@lillianpurich) chose Thai sriracha tuna, lemon herb mussels, and roasted garlic mackerel. But feel free to stock up on whatever tinned fish catches your eye.


Tinned fish 🤝 Small Food #snacks #snackhacks #smallfood #elevateeveryday #tinnedfishtok

♬ Tu t’en lasses – La Femme

10. Throw a Tinned Fish Party for One

Want to test-run the tinned fish trend before trying it? Throw yourself a tinned fish party. Toast a baguette. Salt some butter. And slice up a lemon. Then, snag some tinned fish you’re interested in trying. Small Food (@eatsmallfood) kept it simple with a single can of anchovies. But you can treat yourself to as many tins as you like.


Seacuterie Boards > Charcuterie Boards #TaylorShellfish #Ekone #FromTideToTin #SeaPantry #TinnedFishTok #TinnedFish #Shellfish #PNW #FYP

♬ original sound – Taylor Shellfish

11. Recreate Your Favorite Charcuterie Board

Our favorite thing about this seacuterie board? It looks like a classic charcuterie board—with tinned fish instead of cured meats. Start by throwing together your go-to charcuterie board. Slice up some cheese, grab some crackers, and snag all your favorite extras. Then, use tinned fish to fill in the gaps. The folks at Taylor Shellfish Farms (@taylorshellfish) went all out—snagging smoked mussels, albacore tuna, wild-caught octopus, and three kinds of smoked oysters. But even just a couple tins should bring your board together.


Tinned fish night! Ft. Caesar salad, sourdough, cheeses, & crackers #tinnedfish #tinnedfishtok #tinnedfishdatenight

♬ Lazy River – Sidney Bechet & Muggsy Spanier

12. Mix and Match Tasty Treats

This spread from Kelly Baick (@baick_snacks) gives new meaning to the phrase surf and turf. Instead of covering a board with tinned fish and cheese, Baick mixed and matched tasty treats—pairing marinated mussels and wild octopus with smoked duck breast. This combination is one we never thought we’d see in a tinned fish spread. But we’d be lying if we said we weren’t enticed. To finish off the board, Baick stocked up on grapes, pickled vegetables, and fancy cheeses—and served the spread with sliced bread.


tinned fish date day 🎣🥖 inspired by @Ali tinned fish date nights🍷 pickles, cheese, bread & seafood r all my favorite things #tinnedfish #smokedmussles #baguette #ricotta

♬ Analog 2 (feat. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Sydney Bennett) – Odd Future

13. Keep it Simple

This spread from Anna (@cabagges) is a great reminder that your tinned fish spread doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with a mild cheese you love. (Anna picked whipped ricotta drizzled with olive oil.) Then, throw some of your favorite pickled veggies in a bowl. Snag a few tins of fish that you’re interested in trying. And serve the whole spread with sliced bread.

The beauty of the tinned fish trend is that it’s easy to pull off. So stock up on food you’re excited to eat—and don’t overthink it.

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