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These $10 Bloating Supplements Work Instantly & Keep People From ‘Feeling Like an Overfilled Balloon’ — Here’s How

Reviewers who've had indigestion for years say these are the real deal.
Jetson After Ate GEA
Courtesy of Jetson.

There’s no bigger downer than sitting around in discomfort for hours following a truly incredible meal—or after a few desserts. Nobody should be punished for treating themself! Unfortunately, gas, bloating and other symptoms of indigestion can derail an otherwise perfect night. It can stop you from following through with plans, being able to truly relax and even prevent some much-needed sleep. Luckily, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it (discomfort-free), too.

Jetson’s After Ate digestive enzyme mints work with your body to help it digest whatever food you’re consuming so that any stomach aches, gassiness or spouts of bloating don’t occur. The actually tasty mints are beloved by shoppers who say the supplements keep them from “feeling like an overfilled balloon.” We’ve all been there.

The tablets break down food into smaller pieces so that your tummy can digest them better. Once you consume a mint within 15 minutes of meal time, it will aid your digestion so that carbs, proteins and fats can be absorbed as easy as possible. What’s more, this boost will allow your body to absorb the good stuff like vitamins and minerals more proficiently. This process also prevents that uncomfy feeling of being too full. What more could you want in a digestive helper? 

Reviewers who have had indigestion for years say these supplements are the real deal. One wrote that After Ate “finally got my gut back on track after a long fight with gastritis. I feel great after eating now and the flavor is pretty tasty too!”

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After Ate Digestive Enzyme Mints
Courtesy of Jetson.

After Ate Digestive Enzyme Mints

After Ate works immediately to relieve indigestion while also aiding your body in absorbing food. This ensures that you essentially get the most nutrients out of your meal.

And, unlike many probiotics brands, Jetson only uses the highest quality clean ingredients that are science-backed so that what you’re putting into your body is the best of the best. Everything from the brand is non-gmo, vegan and made in the U.S. What’s more, every product goes through rigorous testing to ensure it’s 100 percent effective ahead of the expiration date.

Now, because every body is different in the sense that different foods trigger different people, the tablets are made to include “a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes to help break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats,” per the brand. So essentially, it helps as many people as possible no matter their own personal needs.

There are a few After Ate product options to choose from: a $10 tube with 15 tablets, a $32 bottle with 60 tablets, or a $25 starter bundle that includes both the tube and bottle. This will save you 40 percent and enroll you in a monthly subscription service that will send a new month’s supply automatically (you can cancel this at any time).

Whether you’re somebody who experiences the occasional stomach ache, constantly has issues with gas or just wants to find a solution to post-meal bloating, these supplements are for you.

“Occasionally some things can randomly affect my stomach and this helps quell those instances,” wrote one reviewer. “Every time I take one, I never have any issues of cramping or bloat.”

Next time you’ve got a celebratory meal or a dessert run on the schedule, grab these After Ate enzyme mints and throw them in your bag with the rest of your essentials. They’ll help you enjoy the experience even more—and will ensure nice fresh breath after!

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