Liefsdottir’s Gothic Fairy Tale


Liefsdottir has quickly made a name for itself by creating cute, quirky pieces for cute, quirky girls. This season, designer Johanna Uurasjauri decided to take the line, an offshoot of Anthropologie, in a darker direction, “we wanted to rough it up a bit after having such feminine collections.”

Inspired by the idea of a gothic fairytale set on Mont Saint Michel off the coast of Normandy. The result was a collection of feminine, but not overly feminine pieces that could be mixed in seamlessly with any existing wardrobe. Colors were taken from old masters oil paintings and patterns were kept modern to keep the collection as a whole contemporary.

The presentation echoed the spirit of the collection. Models posed around the makeshift gothic library lair with other pieces of the collection on mannequins. Plus, I always like being offered a feast of chocolates, fruits, and mini blackberry pies.