Libra, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Says You’re Lighting Up Every Room

Valerie Mesa
Libra, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Says You’re Lighting Up Every Room
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Summer doesn’t have to be a bummer, especially when your Libra summer 2022 horoscope is sparkling with fireworks! Cancer season kicks off on June 21, bringing the sun to the most public area of your chart. Governing everything from your professional life to your reputation in the world, it’s time to shape the way the world sees you. By establishing stability in your career, the sun will energize and supercharge you with the confidence and courage you need to make that resumé truly stand out.

Venus—your planetary ruler—will enter Gemini on June 22, adorning your adventurous ninth house with abundance, fertility and charm. You may even become romantically involved with someone long-distance, making you miss them just as much as enjoy a reason to travel! Either way, the majority of you may opt for a well-deserved summer vacay, with or without your Bae. Playing hooky from work has never felt so good! It’s also very fitting that Neptune will station retrograde via your sixth house of work routines as of June 27, shining a light on the aspects of your day job that definitely need to change.

Before June comes to a close, a new moon in Cancer will touch down on your traditional 10th house of authority as of June 28, which, in turn, will present you with an opportunity to turn the page and start something brand spanking new. Given that the full moon in Capricorn on July 13 will touch on your fourth house of home and family, some of you may be in the midst of deciding whether you’re ready to become a parent. With go-getter Mars turning up the heat in your eighth house of merged energies, and bringing focus to your intimate unions, many of you will be busy getting busy (if you know what I mean)!

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Soon after July’s full moon, Venus will join forces with the sun and Mercury in Cancer, increasing your desire to become a provider. If you aren’t making it a point to spend more time with a mentor or parental figure, then you’re wasting an incredible opportunity to making your professional desires known! You’re the zodiac’s favorite socialite, and if you’re unsure of what exactly I’m referring to, just wait until Leo season rolls around on July 22. Thanks to this flashy and flamboyant fire sign, your presence alone will be enough to light up a room, as the sun will begin to sizzle through your 11th house of friends and community.

A new moon in Leo takes place shortly after, which means that many of you may decide to collaborate with your team on something that inspires you. Interestingly enough, Jupiter will also begin its retrograde journey through your relationship sector on July 28 , so consider this an opportunity to explore your options, especially when it comes to who you work with. Around the second week of August, Venus will dance with the sun in Leo, increasing your appeal. Might as well revel in the popularity that comes with it!

Feeling the rush of wanderlust? Mars in Gemini will inspire you to spread your wings as of August 20, lighting up your ninth house of adventure and encouraging you to expand your whole understanding of life. Before August comes to a close, savvy Mercury will enter your sign, and begin its pre-retrograde shadow phase on August 20. Pay attention to your conversations and exchanges, as it will station retrograde in your zodiac sign on September 5. Don’t worry, because Mercury retrograde is not the end of the world, and it definitely won’t ruin such a sexy summer!

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