Libra Season Wants You to Treat Yo’ Self—Responsibly, Though

Libra Season Wants You to Treat Yo’ Self—Responsibly, Though

Enemies, lovers, and people we’re just flirting with because it’s fun: Libra season has come. On Sept. 23, the sun enters Libra after a splendid back-to-school season in Virgo. Hopefully the perfectionist energy of Virgo was enough to get us working on our goals (without getting so bogged down with the details that we lost the joy of striving for our best, that is). But hey, we’ve worked hard. And now, Libra season 2019 is here to bring us all beauty and balance.

An air sign ruled by Venus (the planet of #love), Libras are the most charming of the air signs, compelled by beautiful things and striving to constantly keep balance in their lives (Kim Kardashian West is a Libra—fitting, no?). Libras are also cardinal signs, which means they’re one of the initiators of the zodiac (along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.) Libra’s aesthetic tendencies plus being a cardinal sign means that when Libras want to immerse themselves into something beautiful, they do it fully.

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If you’ve spent a party flirting with someone charming, only to realize that they’re actually in a relationship, high chances are that person is a Libra. But they meant no harm! Libras simply love to flirt. Since Libra is ruled by romantic Venus, Libra season is all about relationships of all kinds—so you can use this next month to hone your flirting skills. Flirt with your friends! Flirt with the bartender! Flirt with your partner! Or maybe you’re already an excellent flirt—if so, help out your more socially inept friends and “practice” flirting with them. Just don’t get too carried away. Or do! There are no rules! You do you!!!!!

An air sign to their core, Libras love new information and talking to people. For Geminis, this often looks like a Wikipedia binge. But for Libras, it often looks like a hearty gossip session with friends or even friends of friends. Additionally, Libras have an intense need for balance, so gathering gossip often puts them in a bit of an uncomfortable position. So, for this next month, Libras, maybe try to refocus your love for absorbing new information onto something more personally enriching and switch out that gossip sesh for a Netflix documentary. Or focus on your listening skills! Learn to listen, but don’t repeat. 

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Libras are also very tied to aesthetics and indulgences, like a luxury version of Taurus’ love of things. Let yourself indulge a bit this month, whether that’s finally buying that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, or finally taking a sick day to relax. Or, since Libras love beautiful things, take yourself to a place where you can experience that with your senses, like museums, clothing stores (touch all of the new fall sweaters), or botanical gardens. Oh, and don’t forget to encourage your friends to indulge themselves a little bit, too.

And on top of that, there’s a new moon in Libra coming this Sept. 28, which is great for revitalization and new beginnings. Plus, it’s on a Saturday—the perfect time to harness all the powers of your Libra self and try charming some cuties at the bar. Who knows, this might be the beginning of something great.

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Keep in mind that Libras are all about balance, though. So while you might be a bit more indulgent, a bit more flirtatious, a bit more glamorous than usual—make sure that it’s all done in moderation. Why not use this time and energy to explore what else in your life could use a bit more moderation? Maybe instead of pounding shots *or* being fully sober on a night out, try having just a drink or two and seeing how you feel.

We roll into fall by transitioning from perfectionist Virgo energy into beautiful and balancing Libra energy. Pragmatic and dutiful earth signs can learn from Libra’s people-oriented and charismatic tendencies. Water signs, so deep and emotional, could take a few cues from this dreamy and charming air sign. And fire signs, ready to get shit done at all times, can use this Libra energy to finally stop and smell the roses.

So this month, go ahead and enjoy the gossip, the visually pleasing things, and the beautiful music—because Scorpio season is next, and that’s gonna be a moody and dramatic month.