Libra, Your October Horoscope Has The Tea On Libra Szn

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your October Horoscope Has The Tea On Libra Szn
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (if you’re a Libra)! And your Libra October 2021 horoscope begins on quite a beautiful note. With a new moon in Libra sending beautiful vibrations throughout your life as of October 6, you’re beginning the month with a strong desire to improve yourself and let go of all the baggage that’s been holding you back. Forget what everyone else things. Do what feels right for YOU!

When Venus enters your chatty third house on October 7, you may find yourself craving a deep and stimulating mental connection with a lover. This is the time to have long conversations where you ask each other fascinating questions and get to truly learn about one another! Plus, you’ll be even more clever and eloquent than you usually are.

However, by October 9, your typically graceful and agreeable demeanor may be harder to maintain. As Mercury and Mars form a conjunction in Libra, you may feel quick to anger and more aggressive than usual, so remember to take a deep breath!

By October 15, you’ll embrace some immensely creative and romantic vibrations. As the sun forms a trine with Jupiter, you may feel a desire to express yourself through art—and if you’re feeling flirty, you may feel like making the first move with your crush! Things will begin to feel even better by October 18 when Mercury retrograde comes to an end, reducing any confusion that made it difficult to create and execute plans.

Your relationships may reach a turning point by October 20. This is when the full moon will activate your seventh house of partnerships, bringing you revelations about where you stand with those who matter to you. Prepare to learn more about your partners, as well as what type of partner you are in return.

When Scorpio season begins on October 23, it will be time to start building on some of the revelations that you made during Libra season. As the sun actives your second house of finances and stability, you’ll be encouraged to start letting go of the chaos and getting grounded. Start working on creating a strong foundation for yourself!

However, by October 30, you may be forced to reckon with some of your more frivolous instincts. As the sun squares off with Saturn, you will be encouraged to grow up and embrace maturity.

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