Libra, Your November Horoscope Is Allllll About The Money

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your November Horoscope Is Allllll About The Money
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You’ve got dollar signs on your mind this month, Libra! In fact, your Libra November 2021 horoscope begins with an opportunity to set financial goals that will eventually lead to a much thicker wallet. On November 4, a new moon will invite abundance into your second house of money and stability, helping you build a rock-solid foundation.

By November 5, you’ll even start bringing emotional stability into the mix. As Venus sends warmth to your fourth house of home and family, you may feel inspired to infuse your love life with domestic bliss. Never underestimate a date that involves staying home, cooking a fabulous dinner and doing it all while wearing pajamas! And as Mercury enters your grounded second house, you may feel yourself craving a life that’s down to earth rather than one so unpredictable. Work on letting go of all the unnecessary drama—you don’t need it!

By November 10, you may come to find that a healthy balance is necessary. As Mercury and Mars form a conjunction, doubt may set in, causing you to overcompensate by buying things you don’t need or trying too hard to prove yourself. And as this conjunction squares off with Saturn, you might realize this energy is kind of a mood killer! Everyone has moments of insecurity, but at the end of the day, you’re always enough. No, scratch that. You’re MORE than enough!

By November 12, you’ll find that lending a helping hand can help you feel better. As the sun forms a trine with Neptune, others will look to you for inspiration and your generosity will shine through. By coming to the aid of others, you’ll see just how much you have to offer.

However, by November 19, you may feel the impact of some deep shifts in your finances and in your relationships. As a lunar eclipse blasts through your eighth house of transformation, financial and emotional debts may creep back into your life, demanding a settlement. While letting go can ultimately feel bittersweet, signing off on your past will always set you free.

And once Sagittarius season begins on November 21, all sorts of brilliant ideas will rush through your brain! As the sun activates your third house of communication, you’ll be in a beautiful position to make new friends and tap into your mental power, smarty pants.

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