Libra, Your Love Life Heats Up In Your March Horoscope

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your Love Life Heats Up In Your March Horoscope
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This month, you’re reconnecting with the simple pleasures and rituals that add moments of peace to your day. After all, your Libra March 2022 horoscope begins with a powerful opportunity to refine your day-to-day existence. On March 2, the New Moon in Pisces will rush through your productive sixth house, encouraging you to spend your time wisely and let organization help you save some energy along the way.

In fact, once Venus and Mars join forces with Pluto in Capricorn on March 3, it will reveal information that may bring you discomfort in places that should feel safe. But you deserve to feel safe enough to let down your guard, Libra!

Luckily, by March 5, you’ll feel like you’re making a lot of progress. As the sun joins forces with Jupiter in Pisces, you’re realizing how rewarding it is to lead a healthier life in which you take things one step at a time. The level of energy you’re working with will help you cross items off your to-do list like it’s nobody’s business.

That said, don’t forget to reserve time to wind down and enjoy the fruits of your efforts, because on March 6, Venus and Mars will join forces in your fifth house of fun, creativity and romance. This could increase the likelihood that sparks will fly, so why not schedule a hot date or two? If you feel the desire to get dolled up and make an entrance, don’t fight it—your instincts are probably on point!

If you’re feeling butterflies in your stomach, they’ll only become stronger by March 20. This is when the sun will enter your seventh house of partnerships, putting you in a monogamous mood. You may feel ready to take things to the next level in your love life, and even lock in something exclusive. However, relationships take work, and by March 28, you may fear that things are starting to cool off.

As Venus joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius on March 28, you’ll realize that love isn’t as simple as happily ever after. A relationship is filled with easy times and hard times, but the good should always outweigh the bad.

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