Libra, Your July Horoscope Predicts An Exciting Development In Your Social Life

Libra, Your July Horoscope Predicts An Exciting Development In Your Social Life
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Despite your calm exterior, you’re one of the most driven and motivated members of the zodiac, dear Libra, striving for perfection where others might settle for mediocrity. Your Libra July 2022 horoscope is showing you a month in which you’re ultra focused on your career, and although money may come and go unexpectedly, you’re seeing the big picture when it comes to where you’re headed. Don’t sweat the small battles, not when you’re trying to win a war!

However, you’ll begin to feel the unexpected windfalls coming your way on July 5, when Mars enters Taurus and activates your eighth house of give and take. You may inherit money from a family member, win the lottery or experience a random act of charity from an acquaintance. A raise you’ve been waiting for could even be approved at this time! Regardless of how you attain the extra funding, your bank account will be suddenly flash and full of cash. Money is coming from unexpected sources this month, which is why it’s best to keep all of your relationships and friendships on good terms. You never know who or how will line your pockets with gold this month!

As the full moon in Capricorn sets off a deeper desire to succeed on July 13, your professional ambitions are being galvanized and reignited! And although you may feel like working on Saturdays, try to remember that work isn’t the *only* thing that matters. Remember to set aside some time for play when Leo season kicks off on July 22, because it will spread enthusiasm throughout your social network, making you feel connected to something larger than yourself!

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

If you’re feeling especially strict with your schedule right now, try to squeeze in some time for romance on July 17, when Venus—your planetary ruler—swims into tender Cancer and lights a fire in your flashy 10th house. People are seeing you for the sweet lover you are; stay tuned for someone who appreciates it! Your social life will be your source of inspiration on July 28, when the new moon in Leo gets you in the mood to get out and express yourself with others. Attending a new moon gathering or simply arranging a Zoom call with friends will satisfy your urge to connect!

Being the center of attention will come easily right now, which will definitely come in handy if you’re trying to catch the eye of a new romantic interest. However, you’ll want to slip back under the radar on July 31, when the Uranus and the North Node of Destiny connect in Taurus, triggering the sector of your chart that rules restrictions. After weeks of focusing on your career and friends, use this as your cue to take a time out for introspection and relaxation. 

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