Libra, Your July 2020 Horoscope Shows You Achieving All Your Goals

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your July 2020 Horoscope Shows You Achieving All Your Goals
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

In the mood to upgrade to a new apartment? Feel like redesigning your living space? Your Libra horoscope for July 2020 is here, and it predicts you’ll soon be in the midst of some major renovations! As a matter of fact, an unpredictable blood moon/lunar eclipse lands right in your fourth house of home and family, indicating a shift in your personal life. It may be time to welcome a new family member or spruce up your home environment. Change to your safe space may feel uncomfortable at first, but trust, you’ll be grateful for it in the end.

July will also be a month to focus on your career goals and rethink where you’re headed. After all, Cancer season always lights up your 10th house of reputation and social status, inspiring you to give the world something interesting to talk about! However, with Mercury retrograde underway until July 12, it may be difficult to feel motivated about your work. Instead of something new, see this as a beautiful time to return to old projects and pick up where you left off. You may even receive emails from long-lost business contacts, or relish in recognition for work you did in the past!

Fortunately, when a new moon in intuitive, emotional and sentimental Cancer brightens your career sector on July 20, it will be the start of a beautiful chapter. Speak your goals into existence! Decide what it is you’d like to accomplish and get the ball rolling!

Career goals aside, July is also a beautiful time to reflect on your relationship patterns and heal any resentments lingering between you and the special someone you care about. As Chiron—planet of therapy—stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships on July 11, it’s time to work through the fears, wounds and trust issues preventing you from having the relationship you truly want. Remember: forgiveness does not mean forgetting what happened; it means choosing to set yourself free from the pain of holding onto it.

All this hard work is preparing you for a sultry and social Leo season, which begins on July 22. Lighting up your 11th house of community, Leo season will make you the most popular person you know! Prepare for your phone to blow up with texts, party invitations, and social media notifications. You’re in demand, baby!

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