Light a Candle, Libra—Your January Horoscope is All About Cozying Up

Roya Backlund
Light a Candle, Libra—Your January Horoscope is All About Cozying Up
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After a long day, nothing feels better than going home and getting into your sweatpants, Libra. Luckily, your Libra January 2022 horoscope is all about strengthening the level of comfort you feel in your sacred space! On January 2, a new moon in your cozy fourth house will give you a better understanding of the type of TLC your heart needs.

However, something might be missing! Venus—your ruling planet—will continue retrograding through your domestic sector until January 29, placing a focus on the level of harmony and belonging you feel when you’re at home. It may be time to return your roots, but this could also help you think about how you can lay down roots in a new way, and maybe even in a new place.

By January 14, you may feel unsure of how to find that warm-and-fuzzy feeling you’re craving. As Mercury stations retrograde in your passionate fifth house on January 14, it may be time to experiment with your love life and embrace romance a little differently. This could also cause you to rethink what inspires you on a grand scale!

When this retrograde re-enters your fourth house of family on January 24, misunderstandings with your relatives and close loved ones may require clarification. It’s likely time for a heart-to-heart! The energy will become more vibrant once Aquarius season begins on January 19. The sun will enter your creative and expressive fifth house, putting you in a better position to tap into your artistic senses and embrace the simple things that bring you pleasure. When all else fails, there’s always something to celebrate!

But when Mars moves into your sensitive fourth house on January 24, it might increase the level of frustration you’re feeling at home. If something is amiss, finding a solution will become even more urgent.

Just before the month ends, something important may be brought to your attention. As Mercury retrograde joins forces with Pluto on January 28, you may be ready to rip off the bandaid and finally be honest about something major. You deserve to feel like you belong somewhere, but remember—that feeling of “belonging” stems from within! Don’t discount your needs.

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