Libra—Your January Horoscope Says the Scales Are Tipping in Your Favor This Month

Libra—Your January Horoscope Says the Scales Are Tipping in Your Favor This Month
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Get ready to express yourself this month, Libra! Looks like the scales are tipping in your favor in your Libra horoscope for January 2023. If you’ve been feeling wishy washy about your plans, it’s time to let go of your self-doubts and dive into what you *really* want to be doing.

Lovely Venus—your ruling planet—will be leaving your 4th house of home and family and entering your attention-seeking 5th house on January 4, bringing you a surge of romance and creativity. Now that your home is finally arranged the way you like, you’re ready to turn on the charm and draw people to you. Dating at this time should be exciting! It may not be a grand romance, but you are ready to have a little fun and maybe a little playful drama. 

As Jupiter continues its dance through your 7th house of relationships, why not meet new people and adventure out into the world this month? Filled with joy and optimism, Jupiter is making sure your social life is lit, so take advantage of the good vibes and make some plans with friends or loved ones. This is the perfect time to make progress on your creative projects and let yourself bask in the limelight. You’ve got too much to share with the world not to!

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When the full moon in Cancer arrives on January 6, it will send power to your 10th house of career and ambition. With this energy, your work is all you can think about. Whatever success means to you, it will carry extra weight for you at this time. The moon governs our emotions as well as our wants and needs, so if you find yourself working harder to get into the good graces of your superiors or even just feeling your feelings a bit more at the office, just know, it’s because you care. Use this energy and cultivate a bond with those around you! 

On January 26, Venus will enter your 6th house of daily duties, where all of your charm and personality will assist you in your place of work. Now, you’re able to connect with your coworkers with ease. Just make sure you’re not sitting around gabbing or you may be perceived as lazy. This is the time to be noticed and appreciated for your working relationships. You never know where that skillful rapport and sociability will lead you, Libra! The way this month is looking, I would say you’re headed exactly where you need to go!

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