Libra, Your February Horoscope Has A Lot To Say About Accepting Your Joy

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your February Horoscope Has A Lot To Say About Accepting Your Joy
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You’re in for a romantic, artistic, out-of-this-world and downright confusing month of February, Libra. It all begins with Mercury retrograding through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which will leave you feeling creatively blocked (but least temporarily). While your usual hobbies may not leave you feeling inspired, your Libra February 2021 horoscope encourages you to try new things and reconnect with your creativity organically!

As Venus enters your erotic fifth house of lust on February 1, the cosmos are tapping into your desire to be swept off your feet. You’re craving a love that’s straight out of a romance novel. In fact, you might even find yourself reconnecting with a former flame! Just be careful with your heart, Libra. By February 11, the new moon will send power to your passionate fifth house, encouraging you to invite more joy into your life—joy that you most certainly deserve.

However, joy is hard to come by in this dog-eat-dog world, and fears about allowing yourself to experience it may be overwhelming by February 17. When Saturn squares Uranus, the fear that joy is transient and can be taken away from you may prevent you from living in the moment. Remember—some things will always be out of your control and all you can do partake in the beauty that surrounds you and be present.

Fortunately, things will begin to feel more streamlined after Pisces season begins on February 18. The sun will activate your sixth house of work and health, inspiring you to take measured steps toward accomplishing your goals. As Mercury retrograde comes to an end on February 20, you will most likely come away from the experience with a renewed understanding of what makes you happy and what makes you feel alive. When Venus enters your organized sixth house on February 25, it will encourage you to improve your love life by supporting and showing up for the people who matter to you.

All of these ups and downs are leading up to a powerful and rewarding moment! On February 26, Jupiter will trine the North Node, encouraging you to take the path that makes you happiest. And when the full moon dawns in your spiritual 12th house on February 27, it will be a major moment of energetic release, so let go of all that does not serve you.

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