Libra, Your December Horoscope Predicts A TON Of Personal Growth

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your December Horoscope Predicts A TON Of Personal Growth
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Your brain is buzzing and your charm is reaching new heights this month, Libra. December begins with the sun in your intellectual third house, inspiring you to engage in stimulating conversations with all sorts of fascinating people. You may not be spreading your wings and flying off to distant lands, but you’re discovering adventures right in your very own neighborhood. Your Libra December 2020 horoscope is about looking closer at the intricate details.

In fact, you may start using your mind and voice in a brand new way on December 14. A solar eclipse will radiate brainpower throughout your third house of communications, helping you discover new ways to speak your mind and take in information. No matter how behind you think you are, there’s always room to catch up!

Prepare for conversations to leave you with butterflies in your stomach by December 15, when beautiful Venus bats her eyelashes in your clever third house! Time to embrace “words of affirmation” as a love language and watch how strong rapport and compassionate compliments can bring you closer to the people you have feelings for.

All this social energy will start to fade by December 21, when the sun returns to your warm fourth house of roots. It will be time to tend to your hearth and send some loving energy to the space you call home. It will also be time to reconnect with family members (both blood-related and chosen family) so that you can remember where you come from.

As you catch up on rest, you could also be experiencing emotional heaviness by December 21. Stoic Saturn and growth-oriented Jupiter will form a conjunction in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which could temporarily leave you feeling bored or uninspired. This is a chance to remember what truly brings you joy and rediscover it within yourself, as painstaking as that may be.

However, you’re quickly back to business by December 29, when a full moon blasts through your 10th house of career. This will send you revelations about the path you’re embarking on, and show you whether or not you’re working hard enough to climb that ladder. Remember, if you want it badly enough, you can have anything!

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