Libra, Your August Horoscope Is All About Going Through Changes

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your August Horoscope Is All About Going Through Changes
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You’re leading a revolution this month! In fact, your Libra August 2021 horoscope kicks off with a powerful new moon on August 8 that will help you tap into your leadership skills. Taking place in your 11th house of community, this new moon is about connecting with your wider circle and enacting change that ripples throughout the world. It’s not always easy sacrificing your own needs for the greater good, but you may find that helping others helps yourself in a way you never realized was possible.

That said, you may feel energetically drained by August 9. As Venus opposes Neptune, you may find it difficult to get your tasks done and even more difficult to understand how you’re really feeling. Give yourself a break, Libra. You’re not a machine! You’re a human being.

In fact, you’re a ~spiritual human being~ and your inner world always needs tending to. Luckily, some of your brain fog will lift once Venus enters Libra on August 16. Venus is your ruling planet, making this transition one you’ll want to look forward to. Prepare to feel hotter, sexier and ready to fall head over heels!

By August 16, your subconscious desires, thoughts and conflicts may rise to the surface as Mercury collides with Mars. Feelings you never even knew you had could rush through you, prompting you to finally spill secrets and reveal your forbidden instincts. Don’t be ashamed of your truth, because you need to treat it with care. 

On the bright side, your social life will glimmer like a disco ball by August 19. As the sun opposes Jupiter, you may feel more drawn to your friendships than ever. In fact, you may even find yourself crushing on someone who was always just a “friend,” encouraging you to finally shoot your shot!

Once a full moon blooms in your romantic fifth house, you may even begin to feel that strange-yet-addicting feeling that some call “butterflies in your stomach”. You love love, Libra. It is what it is!

However, once Virgo season begins on August 22, you may feel as though the energy is beginning to tone down. As the sun enters your spiritual 12th house, the cosmos are encouraging you to embrace the pleasure of solitude and inner healing. If you need to cancel plans, do it! Your spirit is calling and they want to hang out with you, too.

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