Libra, Your August Horoscope Is All About Finding Your People

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your August Horoscope Is All About Finding Your People
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According to your Libra August 2020 horoscope, Leo season really is everything it’s all cracked up to be, because the sun is spending time in your 11th house of community and you’re loving being surrounded by like-minded people! You’re feeling the social vibes of summer and you’re also more in touch with your hopes, wishes and dreams. With Mercury—planet of communication and thought—entering your 11th house on August 4, you’re also spending the month talking about big ideas that could change the world for the better.

And when the full moon in Aquarius blasts through your fifth house of fun and pleasure on August 3, things only get better and better! Expect to have a clearer understanding of everything in life that makes living worthwhile. You may even have an epiphany about your creativity and feel inspired to delve into an artistic project. Who knows? It also could mean a steamy summer romance is in store, wink wink.

However, when luxurious and romantic Venus enters your 10th house of social status on August 7, you’re talking business. This month is especially favorable for your career, making it a beautiful time to ask for that promotion or take on a side hustle! Whatever you decide to do, the world is watching you with great admiration, Libra.

By the time the new moon in Leo takes place on August 18, you might find yourself meeting all sorts of exciting and fascinating new people! You may even wind up getting to know an entirely new group of like-minded people who motivate you to go after goals with gusto. And not just any goals, Libra, but goals that involve and require others, so team up, delegate work and remember: the more, the merrier!

This month has you doing a lot of moving, so you might just love the change of pace that Virgo season provides. When it begins on August 22, the sun enters your 12th house of spirituality and solitude, making you feel more like retreating into your own little world and spending some time with your true self. You might want to start keeping a dream journal, too, because your subconscious will be filled with insight. Fair warning!

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