Libra, Your April Horoscope Predicts A New Chapter For Your Relationships

Roya Backlund
Libra, Your April Horoscope Predicts A New Chapter For Your Relationships
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This month, you’re tapping into that charm you’re so famous for, Libra! When Mercury enters your interpersonal seventh house on April 3, you’ll be craving the opportunity to get to know someone on a one-on-one level. Give yourself the chance to listen intently and respond truthfully during conversations, as your head may be way up in the clouds this month, too. After all, on April 9, Mars will form a square with Neptune, which may make it difficult to stick to the task at hand when all you can think about is escaping to a different reality. Let your Libra April 2021 horoscope show you that the here and now can be just as beautiful!

Either way, your relationships are embracing a new chapter as of April 11. This is when the new moon will highlight your seventh house of partnerships, encouraging you to make a deeper commitment to the healthy relationship that you deserve. Work on becoming a better partner and opening your heart to the kind of person that you truly want. The past may catch up with you by April 16 when the sun squares off with Pluto, so give yourself the time and space to work through those old habits that are proving to die particularly hard.

Believe it or not, things will become even more passionate and intense once Venus, Mercury and the sun enter your eighth house of transformation. During Taurus season, you may start thinking about what you’ve outgrown and how you can sever ties with attachments that you’re ready to leave behind. Invest your energy and love into something new; something with promise!

However, your relationships may embrace some pretty powerful changes when the Venus-Uranus conjunction rushes through your intimate eighth house on April 22. This may shift your ability to rely on someone—emotionally or otherwise—so let this experience teach you how to rely on yourself instead.

You’ll start feeling so much more courageous and driven once Mars enters your ambitious 10th house on April 23! Let this give you the stamina and drive to prove that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And when the full moon blasts through your second house of stability and finances on April 26, it will reveal just how well you’re able to stay grounded. Let this full moon show you an even deeper understanding of self-sufficiency, Libra.

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