Liam Hemsworth Has Some Strong Feelings About Miley Cyrus’ Current Relationship Status

Kim Wong-Shing
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
Photo: Getty Images.

It must be hard to be Miley Cyrus’s ex, but Liam Hemsworth is handling the situation so gracefully. After the pair broke up two months ago, Miley immediately went on to very publicly date her pal Kaitlynn Carter and then Cody Simpson. Finally, Liam Hemsworth reacted to Miley Cyrus’s dating and relationships after remaining quiet on the matter — and long story short, he’s being super grown-up about this.

Miley has been super public about her dating life post-breakup and has made multiple statements about her ~moving on~ process while ironically requesting privacy from her fans. Through it all, Liam has been silent. He hasn’t made any statements about the split since it first happened, when he posted on Instagram to announce that he and Miley were going their separate ways. Behind the scenes, though, sources previously revealed that Liam is also moving on in his own way. He’s focusing on work and family at the moment, and he’s not doing any dating of his own (yet!).

Apparently, Liam is happy for Miley. Us Weekly reports that he’s “not harping on the past” and “holds no ill will against her.” A source said, “He wants what’s best for her — even if it’s not him.” Honestly, good for Liam — that’s such a compassionate way to look at the situation!

What exactly is “best” for Miley? At the moment, it appears to be Cody Simpson, who is officially her boyfriend and is fully doting on her while she recovers from tonsillitis at the hospital. He brought her flowers, wrote her a love poem and even serenaded her.

Miley seems to be in good hands for now, so Liam can rest easy!