Liam Hemsworth Has a Look-Alike at the Olympics—& He’s a Tennis Player From Russia

Liam Hemsworth, Karen Khachanov
Photo: Sipa USA/Sputnik via AP.

Let’s just say that Liam Hemsworth‘s look-alike at the Olympics is as close to a fourth Hemsworth brother as we’ll ever get. Fans of the Hunger Games alum were stunned when they spotted his doppelgänger during the Tokyo Summer Games, and honestly, we can see why.

As for the man in question? His name is Karen Khachanov, and he’s a pro tennis player. Khachanov was on the Russian Olympic Committee’s team at the 2020 Olympics, where he made his way to the Men’s Singles finals on Sunday, August 1. While he ultimately lost the match to German tennis player Alexander Zverev, Khachanov still took home the silver medal—and caught the eyes of Hemsworth’s adoring fans in the process.

Not unlike when fans spotted Lady Gaga’s look-alike at the Olympics, many took to social media to joke about how they were convinced Khachanov was actually Hemsworth himself playing tennis for the ROC. “Tremendous effort by @LiamHemsworth to claim second place medal at the @Olympics, considering I don’t think he’s a professional tennis player,” joked football editor Gabe Tan on Twitter. “Does anyone know why he’s representing #ROC and not #AUS though?” Another social media user noted, “Didn‘t know @LiamHemsworth is not only a good actor. He‘s playing [at the] olympic final right now! Go @LiamHemsworth!”

As it turns out, this isn’t even the first time fans have mistaken Khachanov for the youngest Hemsworth brother. In 2018, Khachanov faced off against famed tennis player Rafael Nadal in the third round of the U.S. Open. The Russian athlete, who is currently ranked No. 25 in the world, ended up losing his match against Nadal. But not unlike his latest turn at the Olympics, Khachanov left the court with tons of attention.

Fans began asking him dozens of questions over on Instagram about his dating status—and whether he was somehow related to the Killerman star. When asked if he’s secretly a member of the actor’s family, Khachanov joked, “Yes, I am the 4th brother,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

So, while it’s not clear whether Hemsworth knows he has a not-so-secret doppelgänger out there, it looks like his look-alike is already well aware of the resemblance—and he certainly knows how to roll with it!

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