Letterman and Madonna: A Match Made in Twitter Heaven


Last night, Madonna paid a visit to the Late Show With David Letterman for the eighth time, but this may have been her most interesting visit yet. The iconic pop star was all laughs and smiles while opening up about A-Rod, marriage, and marijuana. Apparently Madge and Letterman are both big hitters in the Twitterverse, constantly causing an abundance of hash tags to fly around. So naturally, last night’s Tweets were buzzing over Madonna’s appearance on the show.

Here’s what people are talking (excuse me, tweeting) about…

RT @evilfairykat still loves madonna, thinks she looks fab and loves the fact she told letterman she’d rather be run over by a train than marry again…

RT @lumpy316 @RyanSeacrest thats old news lol Madonna has always been like that isn’t she like 80 now and A-Rod can’t be that old

RT @jamiedsongs Madonna entrance upon the shoulders and sticks of hockey team. Letterman.

RT @lesleyabravanel Only David Letterman can get Lady Madonna to eat a real slice of NY pizza for crowds and cameras. https://bitly.com/15Bj3X (from @popeater)

RT @gatorlove Pizza and martinis with madonna!!! Ugh you dream killer letterman, that is my dream!!

RT @ryannathaniel madonna was brilliant.. and the fact that she admitted to smoking weed before her horrible 1994 letterman show made me smile..