Lessons Learned From a Fire Escape

Jessica Hoppe

Love is only complicated in films. I realized this last night, as I watched Pretty Woman, on television. We all know the tale of the hooker with the heart of gold who showed the most pessimistic bachelor exactly what he was missing-true love, right?

In real life, love is simple. Relationships can be complicated because we complicate them. But love is the clearest emotion you will ever feel, the most easily recognized, and the most sought after. Yet, you cannot will it to come, nor can you wish it away. It exists without our wanting, chooses it’s own partner despite what are heads/friends/family may say and can never be forced.

Now, I recently heard Pretty Woman is not based on a true story. Bummer. But there is still much to be learned from this modern day (circa 1990) fairy tale. I picked up a few new tips from our heroine, Vivianne, I would like to share.

Learn how to drive stick. This will set you apart from the other hookers on Hollywood Blvd and really expand your territory!

Come to the rescue. It is completely possible and sometimes necessary for a woman to rescue a man.

Do you. Always be yourself, even if yourself is a high school drop-out turned hooker.

Smile big. Well maybe not as big as Julia but laugh loudly and often. Happiness and laughter are contagious and alluring.

Ask and you shall receive. If you’re not getting what you need from a relationship, say so. Tell them what you need and be prepared for the response. If they can’t give you what you need, that is all that this means. Do not read into it. Never let this convince you that no one else can.

Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. If a relationship is worth fighting for-fight. You can’t be too proud to make yourself happy. But, know when to call it, when you’ve said and done enough. And accept with dignity that it is out of your hands.

There is no such thing as a “Knight in Shining Armor.” There are just men; some good, some bad, some strong, some wise, some complicated, some simple, some we love, some we hate, some that inspire us, some that abandon us, some that rescue us, some we forget and some who will always remain. Just try to choose one best suited for you. And, if it doesn’t work out, know there is another-not better, not worse. Just another piece, of a different shape, that you will try to fit into your puzzle.