Lessons in Love: Q & A With “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger


1.What is the biggest difference between dating in LA and dating in NY?
Dating in New York is really tight because it’s five women to one man. But the plus side is that men are quicker to marry and close the deal, and it’s colder there so it’s that sense of urgency. In LA it’s 50-50 (man to woman ratio) but not every man works and has no urgency to get serious. Both have down and up sides.

2. Who are your go to designers for affordable date outfits?
I believe that you don’t have to spend a lot. I’m a big fan of Forever21 and Arden B. If you’re older you might like Cache. I love Marciano and ABS, and all of these are across the board affordable. But being a true fashionista, I’m a big fan of Phillip Lim and I live in Nanette Lepore for business. I am addicted to Black Halo. I also love Sheri Bodel, she’s an up and coming designer here in LA and she’s fabulous.

3. And less affordable?
I am a true fashionista. Fashion is my passion. You will see me me buying $2,000 shoes just because I have to have them. But I do mix it up. I’m a big Gucci fan. I live in Gucci and Jimmy Choo shoes. I also love YSL and Miu Miu.

4. What item can’t you live without?
Genetic denim jeans. They suck and tuck, you feel like you’re wearing nothing. You can eat in them and feel like you’re not gaining a pound. They make your legs long and lean, they come in a million different colors and they wash great.

5. What’s the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed for a date?
They try too hard. You over accessorize. To men, if you wear diamonds on the date, what is the man going to buy you? They think you’re ready to go and you don’t need anything else. And don’t over fragrance. You should use your natural oils. If you put too much stimulation there he’s going to smell something that isn’t there. Also, tall women feel that they can’t wear heels and that’s not true.

6. What’s the worst thing you can do on a first date?

The worst thing you can do is baggage him and tell the whole world your entire story. No one wants to hear your escapades about how you slept with 55 men, how you don’t have a job right now, or how your dad’s in jail for tax evasion.

7. Anything else?
Don’t overdrink.

8. The best thing?

The best thing you can do is be appreciative that the guy is taking you out and buying you drinks and dinner. When you appreciate him, even if he’s not for you, he will tell someone. Word will get around that you’re a catch.

9. When are you going to have a casting session in NY?

Tell Bravo that!

Bravo, if you’re reading this, please have a Millionaire Matchmaker casting in New York!


©Randee St. Nicholas

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