Watermelons Are Having a Major Fashion Moment

Watermelons Are Having a Major Fashion Moment
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Nothing personifies summer better than a ripe, juicy watermelon. Its vibrant colors, geometric shapes and Pop Art appeal have totally won me over, and I’ve found myself wanting to wear watermelon-styled anything. Lucky for me, the fruit is actually having a major fashion moment right now: Everywhere you look, there’s a handbag, a pair of shorts and even $900 sandals, all bearing the hallmarks of watermelon’s sweet, delicious style.

But, pulling off the fun fruit may not be as easy as it seems. I don’t want to look childish—I want to look chic, cool and stylish. So my bestie-slash-jewelry designer Susan Alexandra and I came up with this gorgeous collection of eye-catching, made-to-order watermelon jewelry that includes hand-hammered and painted cuffs ($98–$248), stackable embellished bracelets ($80–$185) and structured collar necklaces ($208–$348). Peruse the gallery above to take a closeup look at all the pieces, and for fun inspiration shots on how to style them.

Photographer: Leslie Kirchhoff
Model: Joy Corrigan
Art Director: Susan Alexandra
Stylist: Gisella Lemos
Hair: Tara Pagliara
Makeup: Joesph Carrillo
Set Design: Leslie Kirchhoff and Susan Alexandra
Photo Assistants: Katie Levine and Kacy Emmett