This Is How the Drunk Crustaceans Do Summer!

This Is How the Drunk Crustaceans Do Summer!
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The brainchild of DJ, photographer, (and one of our StyleCaster Creators) Leslie Kirchhoff and her artistic partner in crime Drew B. James, “Drunk Crustaceans” is a photo series capturing shrimp, crabs, lobster, and other shellfish in various states of being fabulously inebriated. Photos of drunk shrimp? What’s not to love?

The world first met the Drunk Crustaceans when they broke the internet this spring with their amazing debut of “Kim Krustacean” on Paper magazine’s cover, and continued to love them when they starred in a limited-edition calendar that helped raise funds for the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance working to stop plastic pollution and help our aquatic friends drink in peace.

Well now the Drunk Crustaceans are back! This time with a set of postcards from their warm weather travels that will all but assuredly inspire your next vacation. From Driftwoodstock, New York to Clamtauk Beach, these glossy stills capture the glamorous adventures of inebriated shellfish looking for a good time.

Check out the awesome styling and photography by Kirchhoff to get yourself in the mood for summer.

Want your own beautiful set of postcards to send out to your summer friends and family? You can purchase a set of 5 for $10 here! 

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Clamtauk Beach, New York 

Goodbye city, hello beach! We're packing up our surfboards and six packs, and getting the eff outta town! Just past the Shrimptons lies Clamtauk—an old surf town popular among crustaceans looking for an escape from their chic city lives.


This legendary three day long music festival was held at a sand bar in upstate New York. Shells of all colors flocked by water and land to enjoy the music, peace, and summer breeze.


The U.S.S. DISCO is the last surviving champagne transport ship from colonial times. It can carry enough champagne to keep its 20-man crew buzzed for a solid two weeks.

Crust of the Desert Wellness Spa

After a long summer of parties and traveling, the popular new trend is checking into this notorious desert spa and curling up for a much needed detox. Cucumbers on eyes, check. Luxe accessories, check. Fruit and cocktails, check. #Blessed.


The Annual Shrimpton Summer Garden Party

Since 1977, the Annual Shrimpton Summer Garden Party has been a gathering for the elite not only to indulge their lushest urges, but to shake claws and display headpieces that rival those at the Derby.

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