Leslie Jones Rocking a Zara Tee & Louis Vuitton Sneakers Is Very Hot Girl Summer

Maggie Griswold
Leslie Jones Rocking a Zara Tee & Louis Vuitton Sneakers Is Very Hot Girl Summer
Photo: Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

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If you don’t already know, 2019 is the year of the hot girl summer, and everyone is out here looking like a bonafide snack. What I’ve loved most about this meme culture trend, though, isn’t that photos of hot women are constantly blessing my feed (Though I’m not complaining about that), but the fact that anyone can have a hot girl summer—it’s not just limited to Victoria’s Secret supermodels and the like. So I’d like to welcome one of my favorite Saturday Night Live actresses to the hot girl summer club, because Leslie Jones’ recent Instagram outfit definitely qualifies her.

I don’t have a lot of power in this world, but I hereby give myself authority to deem anyone I see fit as a ~hot girl~ this summer. While, admittedly, that means pretty much everyone I see wearing an incredible outfit this season, the sentiment of the hot girl summer is still there. Leslie Jones is my latest pick, and when you see her latest ensemble, you won’t be able to hide your love, either. Jones stepped out on the ‘gram in an effortlessly cool Zara graphic tee, DKNY gold midi skirt and Louis Vuitton dad sneakers. Yes! She! Did! To say I’m obsessed with this outfit is an understatement. I was already a huge fan of Leslie Jones (Have you seen her in Ghostbusters? If not, watch that right now.), but now I think I have to call myself a super fan.

Jones’ ensemble exemplifies everything I love to see in an outfit: something artsy (the tee), something classic (the skirt), something ugly but trendy (the dad sneakers) and confidence, which Jones has in spades. I mean, can it get any better? The answer is absolutely not. Welcome to hot girl summer, Leslie. I hope you enjoy your stay.