He’s Back: Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Ditches the Beard and Man Bun

Leonardo-DicaprioPhoto: Getty Images

Hallelujah! He’s back! Leonardo DiCaprio has finally chopped his man bun and shaved the lumberjack beard. Welcome home, Leo’s face. We knew you’d return to us.

The 40-year-old let his hair grow wild and free this year for an upcoming role as a burly fur trapper in The Revenant—totally fair—but he rocked the furry face-mane a little too long past the end of filming. In fact, he was so committed to looking like a garden-variety hipster that he kept the beard even as rumors swirled that he was dealing with face fleas. Leo clearly did not give AF and continued to let the hair grow.

His recent chop might have something to do with a New York Times article published this month in which commenters declared the death of the man bun, or perhaps Leo realized that his raked-through hair and almost clean-shaven face really is his best look.

The actor debuted the new/old haircut at the Divest-Invest conference in New York City, creating the kind of red carpet moment we think is worthy of a standing ovation.

And now, just to remind you of how far we’ve come, here’s a snap of Leo in July this year, in all his bearded glory:

leonardo dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio rocked a full beard and man bun in July 2015. Photo: Getty Images