Leomie Anderson Praises Rihanna for Being the Only Brand That Can Style Black Hair

Leomie Anderson
Photo: Getty Images

British model Leomie Anderson has worked with everyone, from Victoria’s Secret to Moschino, but only rarely has she worked with a hairstylist who knows how to deal with her natural Afro-textured hair. Tired of hairstylists not knowing how to work with her black hair, Anderson took to her Twitter to call for more diversity in the professional beauty industry and shout out one businesswoman who is doing things right: Rihanna.

Anderson’s rant began by slamming hairstylists who don’t know how to lay a wig, and thus resort to the same three boring hairstyles for black models. Anderson explained that, with wigs, the opportunities for black models to experiment with different hair colors, textures, and lengths are there, but more often than not, those opportunities aren’t given because of inept hairstylists.

Anderson went on to shout out Rihanna as one of the few brands who is conscious about hiring hairstylists who know how to work with black hair. The model recalled a recent photoshoot for the singer’s lingerie line with Savage. In comparison to other photoshoots, Anderson said that Rihanna hired a black hairstylist who had an array of wigs and extensions for black models to diversify their look and try something more experimental.

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Anderson ended her rant by urging brands and magazines to hire hairstylists who know how to deal with black hair if they know that they’ve cast a black model. Anderson also threw some shade at past hairstylists by suggesting that they watch a YouTube tutorial or two to know how to properly lay wigs.

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Like Anderson has pointed out, it’s 2018 and it’s well past time or the fashion and beauty industry to know how to work with different hair textures. Rihanna can’t be the only one.

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