Leo Season Is Here—Grab the Aux Cord, Be Dramatic, Lean in to the Boldest Parts of You

Leo Season Is Here—Grab the Aux Cord, Be Dramatic, Lean in to the Boldest Parts of You
Photo: Saverio Marfia / Contributor; Allison Kahler.

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Lions (get it, Leos?), tigers and bears, oh my—Leo season is here. The time has finally come to embrace both the external sweltering weather and our own inner fire. July 23 marked the start of Leo season, rounding out the dog days of summer until August 22. We just wrapped up Cancer season, in which we experienced the beginning of a Mercury retrograde, a full moon in Capricorn, and a lunar eclipse—is everyone OK? Great, because Leo season is all about energy, passion and pursuing your desires. Welcome.

The confident performers of the zodiac, Leos are a fixed fire sign, ruled by the sun (like, how powerful, seriously). Leos are natural born leaders, capable of bringing together a hode-podge of people and leading them toward a shared cause, whether it’s a huge project at work or a 40-person beach picnic. They’re known to be a bit dramatic, and love the spotlight—not too far off from Tinkerbell, who dies anytime people stop clapping for her. So this next month may be a bit loud, a bit dramatic, but it should be a fun change of pace from the sensitive and emotional last 30 days. While we dealt with a Mercury retrograde during most of Cancer season, it comes to an end on July 31, which can help us sift through any lingering communication issues we encountered in the last month.

Leo Season 2019 | STYLECASTER

Image: Sprios Halaris.

Leos are funny. It may come from their natural tendency to perform, to get the audiences’ approval, or it may just be that every Leo I know grew up watching a lot of Saturday Night Live. They’ve always got a new story to tell—and they’ve already workshopped it with their roommate, so they know exactly when to pause for laughter. If you’ve always wondered if you could do stand-up, maybe now is the time to harness some of Leo’s confident energy to finally get up there and perform. If having a literal spotlight on you is too scary, maybe now’s the time to put one of your projects into the world—metaphorical spotlight, ya know—and let people see the beautiful things you’ve created. Plus, the attention you get after putting a creation into the world feels pretty nice, sometimes (just ask a Leo, they can confirm).

Ever true to themselves, Leos are unafraid to wholly embrace the things and people that they love, without fear of retribution. Because Leo is a sign ruled by the sun, they can be a bit intense, but it can be freeing to be so fully yourself, to love the things that you love in a big and dramatic way. This Leo season (and all the time, really), you’re allowed to be as authentically yourself as you want, naysayers be damned. Obviously, be cautious not to go overboard, as Leo season can bring out the dramatic in even the quietest of people. Keep an eye out for emotional outbursts or egotistical behavior—yes, be true to yourself, but make sure you’re not pushing your boundaries onto those around you without checking in with them. But if you’re usually pretty conscientious, it’s OK to let loose a bit (you are allowed to grab the aux cord, sometimes, it’s really OK), ask for what you want, or simply be yourself a bit louder, without apprehension, and without apologizing.

Leo Season 2019 | STYLECASTER

Image: Haley Longbottom.

And while Leos are known for being confidently outgoing, not all Leos are so loudly bold. Some of them show their fierceness by being fiercely loyal—they’re always ready to go to bat for their loved ones. If you’ve got a close Leo friend, you may notice they’re always the one to let the waiter know that my friend ordered her burger medium well, and this is medium rare, would you mind throwing it back on the grill for a second? Thanks so much, then they’ll smile at you, happy to be the one to use their voice to help you out. If you’re usually passive, use this season’s fierce, loyal energy to stick up for the friends who usually stick up for you. They’ll feel loved and taken care of, and you’ll feel bold and empowered. Win, win.

This Leo season, don’t be afraid to be loudly, boldly and fully yourself. Rigid earth signs, so dutiful and hard-working, take this season to be a little more passionate and indulgent than usual. And sweet air and water signs, usually more sensitive and whimsical, use this month to remind yourself that it’s OK to speak up and advocate for yourself. Not only is it OK, but it’s often the best way to make your voice heard.

Enjoy these passionate and dramatic and reckless next few weeks, because Virgo season is next, and nearly every Virgo I know is an uptight know-it-all with mild control issues.